Saturday, February 29, 2020

2/29 recap

@VCU 75, George Washington 51
@Richmond 95, UMass 71

@Clemson 70, Florida St 69 - a dumb loss for a team going for the 2 line.  Are any of the ACC teams going to be on the 2 line?  I'm not sure anymore
@Virginia 52, Duke 50 - yea, none of 'em are going to be on the 2 line
@North Carolina St 77, Pittsburgh 73
North Carolina 92, @Syracuse 79 - yeah, never mind my Syracuse speculation earlier
@Wake Forest 84, Notre Dame 73 - yeah, never mind my Notre Dame speculation earlier
@Georgia Tech 63, Miami 57

@Lipscomb 77, Liberty 71 - I can't take a team with 3 A-Fun losses seriously, sorry

UConn 84, @East Carolina 63
@Tulsa 65, UCF 54
Memphis 74, @Tulane 67 (OT)

Kansas 62, @Kansas St 58
@TCU 75, Baylor 72 - wait what
Oklahoma 73, @West Virginia 62 - I have no idea what to do with WVU anymore.  So much about their computer profile screams good seed, but these are a series of troubling results.  The analysis is easier on Oklahoma, this buys them some wiggle room
Texas 68, @Texas Tech 58 - ok, now we're really, really taking Texas seriously.  They're not there yet, but they're in the picture finally
@Oklahoma St 73, Iowa St 61

Providence 58, @Villanova 54 - go away, Providence.  I really don't want your trash non-con resume anywhere near the bubble
Seton Hall 88, @Marquette 79
@Butler 60, DePaul 42

Michigan St 78, @Maryland 66 - 1 seeds win this game, Maryland.  Probably the death knell on that front
@Iowa 77, Penn St 68

Northern Iowa 70, @Drake 43

San Diego St 83, @Nevada 76
@New Mexico 66, Utah St 64 - after keeping their nose clean for so long, finally dropped a roadie.  Not a great spot to drop one, based on the numbers

@California 86, Utah 79 (OT)
@USC 71, Arizona St 61 - ASU might be out as quick as they were in
@UCLA 69, Arizona 64 - ok now this UCLA thing might really be getting interesting

@Kentucky 73, Auburn 66 - UK's in play for the 1 a universe where they didn't lose to Evansville
@LSU 64, Texas A&M 50
@Ole Miss 86, Vanderbilt 60
@Tennessee 63, Florida 58 - the type of game bubble teams lose
Mississippi St 67, @Missouri 63 - road wins are never trivial
@Georgia 99, Arkansas 89 - and this is why
@Alabama 90, South Carolina 86 - loser leaves bubble town game

@East Tennessee St 68, Western Carolina 67
@Chattanooga 74, UNC Greensboro 72 - ouch
@Furman 82, Citadel 58 - well if the NIT only takes one team here, gotta be Furman

@Gonzaga 86, St Mary's 76
BYU 81, @Pepperdine 64


HenryMuto said...

What a day yesterday. Imagine if Duke had dropped that North Carolina game like they should have. Imagine if Kentucky didn't have a guy out and 2 guys with the flu against Evansville or some dude from South Carolina banking in a 30 footer at the buzzer.

I think it will be near impossible for Kentucky to even get a 2 seed because of that Evansville loss but a lot of teams fighting for a 2 seed have been dropping games left and right lately. Kentucky will likely lose another regular season game the one at Florida and that will probably derail any chance for a 2 seed.

Imagine if Minnesota didn't choke away that Maryland game that be 3 in a row for Maryland on the loss column.

I think you have to accept it Providence is going to be in the dance despite 4 awful non conf losses which make no sense after seeing what they did in the Big East this year.

ULCA is another crazy one after that dreadful loss at home early they have been amazing in the PAC 12 and I see them having a real shot now to get in.

What a fun day yesterday was.

HenryMuto said...
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HenryMuto said...

Down goes an NIT team.