Friday, February 28, 2020

2/27 recap

@Gonzaga 94, San Diego 59
St Mary's 78, @Santa Clara 72 - St Mary's should be home free for an at-large bid.  Even if they absorb a dumb conference tourney loss, they've done enough IMO.  Reminder that Gonzaga is their only regular season game left

@Oregon 69, Oregon St 54
@California 76, Colorado 62 - what a dumb loss.  Can we just leave the 4 line vacant?  No one deserves to be there
@USC 57, Arizona 48 - important service hold for USC
@UCLA 75, Arizona St 72 - I really don't wanna take UCLA seriously, but I don't really have a choice now

Wisconsin 81, @Michigan 74 - that's a signature road win.  It's going to be weird seeing a 12 loss team on the 5 line, right?
Ohio St 75, @Nebraska 54
@Purdue 57, Indiana 49 - not a good look for IU, and not nearly enough for PU.  This just moves both teams closer to the bubble
Illinois 74. @Northwestern 66 - road wins are never trivial

@Wichita St 72, Temple 69 - that's cutting it close.  This team is not safe, folks

Liberty 76, @Kennesaw St 52 - I haven't been paying attention here, but Liberty's run the record to 27-3.  I can't imagine this profile getting an at-large, but something will have gone horribly wrong if they need it

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