Sunday, February 23, 2020

2/23 recap

@Ohio St 79, Maryland 72 - I was ready to move Maryland to the 1 line....San Diego St is safe for now
@Indiana 68, Penn St 60 - IU seems to be insistent on doing juuuust enough to stay above the bubble
@Wisconsin 79, Rutgers 71
Minnesota 83, @Northwestern 57

@Creighton 81, Butler 59 - at some point, we're going to need to talk about Creighton (and Seton Hall) on the 1 line
@Seton Hall 81, St John's 65

Stanford 75, @Washington St 57
@Utah 79, USC 65 - USC out, Arizona St in?  What in Bill Walton's name is going on in this conference right now

@Cincinnati 67, Wichita St 64 - now WSU might be off the bubble, and this isn't enough for Cincy.  Worst case scenario for the AAC

@Notre Dame 87, Miami 71 - I can probably stop paying attention to UND, but I have this weird feeling the committee is going to do something really stupid with the ACC on the bubble

@Northern Iowa 64, Southern Illinois 52


HenryMuto said...

Creighton on the 1 line are surely you must be joking.

Lost vs San Diego State straight up so SD State with only 1 loss should be higher
Lost at G'Town a team that isn't going to make it
Lost at Providence a team that isn't likely to make it

has 6 total losses already.

No way Creighton is getting to the 1 line.

Andrew said...

It's crazypants, but 9 Q1 wins, avg NET win has dipped under 100, and they have a favorable schedule so running the table brings it into play.

Ok, 2 line.