Friday, February 7, 2020

2/7 recap

Maryland 75, @Illinois 66 - quality road win
@VCU 73, Davidson 62
Harvard 78, @Yale 77


HenryMuto said...

Harvard made the dimmest play in basketball since the guy from VCU fouled up 4 in the NCAA tournament.

With 2 seconds left up 4 the Harvard guy challenges a 25 foot 3 if the guy makes the 3 clock runs out anyway and they win by 1 but he fouls and the guy backs in the 3 to pull within 1.

Sadly the stupid refs took like 3 minutes to review this throwing off the 78% FT shooter and he missed the chance to tie and Harvard gets away with it. The review should taken 20 seconds to see it was 2 seconds left not 3 minutes.

HenryMuto said...

MSU at 16 is a joke committe today showed.

No way MSU should been top 16.

I knew the top 15 would be the top 15 in some order and yes that is what it was

I thought Kentucky or Penn State should been 16.