Wednesday, February 26, 2020

2/25 recap

@Baylor 85, Kansas St 66
@Oklahoma 65, Texas Tech 51 - a desperately needed home hold for OU.  Just don't treat this win as a signature win, they need more

@Wake Forest 113, Duke 101 (2OT) - Duke has some really, really dumb losses for a projected 2 seed.  Sorry, projected 3 seed.  Tough to see them holding on against the charging Big East teams
@North Carolina 85, NC State 79 - road wins are always tough asks, but NCSU is in a position where they couldn't afford this one

Kentucky 69, @Texas A&M 60
@Auburn 67, Ole Miss 58
@Mississippi St 80, Alabama 73 - MSU gets to stay on the bubble; Alabama go away

@Michigan St 78, Iowa 70

@Xavier 78, DePaul 67

@SMU 58, Memphis 53 - Memphis returns to its near-death state.  AAC is doing a marvelous job of getting the minimum out of this season.  Pretty strong conference overall, but everyone has taken 1 or 2 too many losses to be legit at-large players.  They desperately needed more separation at the top of the conference.  I don't see how they get to 3 bids now, there aren't enough signature wins to go around

Dayton 62, @George Mason 55

@San Diego St 66, Colorado St 60
@Utah St 94, San Diego St 56 - they haven't lost a dumb game in awhile


HenryMuto said...

Oh Rutgers you could have sealed your bid tonight what a heart breaker losing by 1 at Penn State.

HenryMuto said...

"@Utah St 94, San Diego St 56 - they haven't lost a dumb game in awhile"

I think you meant San Jose State.

Andrew said...

Just a slight difference between the two teams. Diego, Jose, what's the diff