Sunday, February 23, 2020


In today's edition of Fuck You, BYU:
- BYU is on the 7 line.  Each 7 seed feeds into at least one Friday/Sunday location.
- Move BYU down a line?  Nope.  Each 8 seed either feeds into a Friday/Sunday location, or directly in front of Gonzaga.
- Move BYU up a line?  There's a spot in St Louis on the 6 line available.
- Great!  Except for Butler.  See, there's 3 Big East teams on the 3 line, and now since BYU took St Louis, there's nowhere for Butler to go.  Therefore, despite being the highest 6 seed, Butler gets sent careening down a seed line.  Not great.  I could actually see the committee moving them to the 5 line in this scenario, sending Iowa to the 6 line and Wisky to the 7 line.

Elsewhere, I'm not a fan of what I did with the 4 line (neither Oregon nor Colorado get the west region, geography in general is wonky), but the brackets needed to be balanced.  Again, this is something to watch with SDSU.  The committee's job gets so much easier if they just make SDSU #5 overall and park them in Gonzaga's west region.

1) Kansas vs. 16) St Peter's/Prairie View A&M
8) St Mary's vs. 9) Florida
4) Colorado vs. 13) Stephen F Austin
5) Michigan St vs. 12) Liberty
@St Louis
3) Louisville vs. 14) New Mexico St
6) BYU vs. 11) Oklahoma/Xavier
2) Maryland vs. 15) Colgate
7) Marquette vs. 10) Utah St

1) San Diego St vs. 16) Austin Peay
8) Texas Tech vs. 9) Virginia
4) Penn St vs. 13) Vermont
5) Auburn vs. 12) Cincinnati
3) Seton Hall vs. 14) South Dakota St
6) Michigan vs. 11) North Carolina St
2) Duke vs. 15) Arkansas-Little Rock
7) Ohio St vs. 10) East Tennessee St

1) Gonzaga vs. 16) Radford
8) Illinois vs. 9) Rhode Island
4) Kentucky vs. 13) Akron
5) West Virginia vs. 12) Northern Iowa
3) Creighton vs. 14) UC Irvine
6) Wisconsin vs. 11) USC/Wichita St
2) Dayton vs. 15) Wright St
7) Butler vs. 10) Arizona St

@St Louis
1) Baylor vs. 16) St Francis(PA)/North Carolina A&T
8) LSU vs. 9) Rutgers
4) Oregon vs. 13) North Texas
5) Iowa vs. 12) Yale
3) Villanova vs. 14) Hofstra
6) Arizona vs. 11) Richmond
2) Florida St vs. 15) Montana
7) Houston vs. 10) Indiana


HenryMuto said...

Duke just moved up a seed line with that Wake Forest loss.

They got blown out by 22 by a bubble team and moved down 1 spot in the polls and stayed a 2 seed so I guess move them up to a #1 seed now.

Duke has 4 quad 1 wins with a home loss to SF Austin (quad 3 loss) and a 22 blowout loss at bubble NC State and now a loss to 14th place Wake Forest and don't forget about that miracle win over 10-17 North Carolina who is 15th place.

Yet somehow still a 2 seed makes perfect sense..........

HenryMuto said...

People seem to reference KenPom a lot but never Sagarin.

Kentucky is 6th in Sagarin and Duke is 19th
Somehow Kentucky is 26th in Kenpom and somehow Duke is 5th.