Thursday, February 8, 2018

2/7 recap

I want you to sit down.  Find a stable chair.  Get comfy.  Make sure no fragile objects are around you.  I want you to absorb this madness, this ridiculousness, as safely as possible.  Our world has been torn asunder:

St John's 79, @Villanova 75


...okay, that's out of the way.  Let's get to the rest:

Ohio St 64, @Purdue 63
@Virginia 59, Florida St 55 - all of a sudden, Virginia's path to the #1 overall seed has been thrown wide open.  And they get a quality road win in itself on the same day.  Purdue and Nova are safe on the 1 line, so don't worry about them.  And there's the Ohio St angle, they pick up the most signature of signature wins and are right in play for the 2 line, believe it or not

Marquette 88, @Seton Hall 85 - for bubble teams, nothing is as good an elixir as a road win over a tournament team
Creighton 76, @DePaul 75

@Miami 87, Wake Forest 81
@Virginia Tech 85, NC State 75

@Texas Tech 76, Iowa St 58
Kansas St 67, @Texas 64 - K-State isn't dead yet....and Texas just got yanked from safety back onto the bubble

Texas A&M 81, @Auburn 80 - looks like A&M is all the way back to resume normalcy.  Auburn might have lost touch with the 1 line but are still in decent shape for the 2
@Florida 73, LSU 64
@Vanderbilt 81, Georgia 66 - the very wide bubble in the SEC means there will be a couple early casaulties...and it looks like Georgia is one

@Penn St 74, Maryland 70 - yeesh, I regret even putting mild faith into this Maryland team

@Temple 90, East Carolina 73

@St Bonaventure 79, St Louis 56

UNLV 86, @Nevada 78 - you really don't want to spend some of these losses on home games, Nevada.  Still in good shape, but that's one less mulligan in their pocket

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