Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2/6 recap

Michigan St 96, @Iowa 93 - cutting it close there, Izzo
@Northwestern 61, Michigan 52 - not a loss you want to absorb too many more of
Nebraska 91, @Minnesota 85

Tennessee 61, @Kentucky 59 - road wins are never trivial.  UT has separated with Auburn to get away from the rest of the SEC on the seed lines
@Arkansas 81, South Carolina 65 - USC is probably running out of time
@Mississippi St 67, Alabama 63 - MSU is starting to be pretty annoying to the rest of the SEC.  No at-large chances, but they're mucking things up in the conference standings
Missouri 75, @Ole Miss 69

@Kansas 71, TCU 64
Baylor 67, @Oklahoma St 56 - probably a fatal blow to OSU.  Gotta hold in these types of home games

Notre Dame 96, @Boston College 85

Xavier 98, @Butler 93 (OT) - the type of wins that keep you on the 2 line
@Providence 73, Georgetown 69

@Cincinnati 77, UCF 40
Wichita St 85, @Memphis 65

Boise St 73, @New Mexico 71

Buffalo 88, @Central Michigan 82
@Davidson 91, St Joseph's 62 - for those who care, seems like Davidson has been identified as your 2nd best A-10 team now


HenryMuto said...

"Xavier 98, @Butler 93 (OT) - the type of wins that keep you on the 2 line"

This should say "type of win that gets you to a #1 seed".
Win at Creighton on Saturday and I believe on Feb 11th show X is a #1 seed.

HenryMuto said...

Time to show Ohio State some respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HenryMuto said...

X might be a #1 seed with a Creighton loss for sure a #1 right now down goes Nova, Purdue and Auburn.