Sunday, February 25, 2018

2/25 recap

as I write, Northwestern and Iowa are playing.  Allow me to sum that one up in advance:  WHO CARES

Also, prepare yourselves.  Conference tourney time!  My 32-part preview series starts tomorrow.  Bonus early key preview with the Big 10 coming, because Delany was an idiot.  I'll probably cut off worrying about the lesser conferences in these recaps until those regular seasons finish.  (it's not like I have a whole lot of time anyways)

Also, we should get a fresh bracket up tonight, along with NIT, CBI, and CIT projections.

@NC State 92, Florida St 72

Michigan St 68, @Wisconsin 63
@Purdue 84, Minnesota 60
@Nebraska 76, Penn St 64 - so it looks like Nebraska is our team to pay attention to next week in MSG

@Cincinnati 82, Tulsa 74
@Houston 109, East Carolina 58 - lol
@Temple 75, UCF 56

@Nevada 92, Colorado St 83

@Colorado 80, UCLA 76

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