Friday, February 16, 2018

2/15 recap

@Houston 67, Cincinnati 62 - signature wins are a great way to get off the bubble.  NOW what do you do with Cincy's seed?  So much of it was contingent on keeping their nose clean....for now, my rule of 1 applies.  Everyone gets one.
@Wichita St 93, Temple 86 - it's running-the-table time for Temple

@Wisconsin 57, Purdue 53 - here's your dumb loss of the day...
@Penn St 79, Ohio St 56 - although this is pretty dumb too.  Penn St and Nebraska can have a pillow fight to see who is the more relevant bubble team.  I have a bad feeling one of them will get there by March

@Gonzaga 76, Loyola Marymount 46
@San Francisco 70, St Mary's 63 - everyone gets one.
BYU 75, @Pepperdine 70

Arizona 77, @Arizona St 70 - this is really helpful to Zona's seed, more than you think
Utah 70, @Washington 58 - I wish some of these bubble teams would make up their damn mind if they're any good or not
@USC 72, Oregon 70
@Washington St 73, Colorado 69
@UCLA 75, Oregon St 68

Middle Tennessee 72, @Southern Miss 62
Western Kentucky 102, @North Texas 94 (OT) - we play on in CUSA.  MT up one on WKU (with Old Dominion 1 back, with no real at-large profile to work with.  This is becoming fascinating to watch to see if ODU gets in the way of these two now)

@Utah Valley 86, New Mexico St 79 - this was going to be the toughest ask for NMSU in conference play.  That's likely the at-large bid by the boards

A-Fun:  FGCU finally loses in conference play, and may cost them a chance to get out of the 16 line
AEast:  Vermont moves to 12-0 and has essentially ended this race
Big Sky:  Montana's first loss comes to Eastern Washington.  Weber St moves 1.5 back with 5 to play
CAA:  Charleston remains one up on Northeastern, as those 2 have finally separated from the rest


HenryMuto said...

Penn State has some pretty good players and by the way Penn State was favored to win this game by 1 point so not sure how that's a dumb loss. Ohio State had 0 road losses in the Big Ten before that game which is incredible so you had to expect them to lose one. They will likely lose at Michigan too the question will be can they win at Indiana ?

Andrew said...

Penn St was favored? Huh. Ok then.

HenryMuto said...

Yes Penn State was a 1 point favorite. Penn State also ranked 25th in the ESPN BPI.