Sunday, February 4, 2018

2/4 recap

@Villanova 92, Seton Hall 76
@Ohio St 75, Illinois 67
Arizona St 88, @Washington St 78
@Maryland 68, Wisconsin 63
Temple 83, @Tulane 76


Bryan Wilson said...

What are your thoughts on Temple at this point? Expected stats at end of season now 17-13, RPI of 45 and SOS of 12 with some really high quality wins - N Auburn by 14, N Clemson by 7, H Wichita by 2. Is that enough for them to get in or do they still have to outperform that expectation?

HenryMuto said...


Andrew said...

Man, I don't know. 17-13, it might depend on the general state of the bubble. I do think if they avoid bad losses, there's enough quality win chances on the board for them.