Saturday, February 10, 2018

2/10 recap

@St Bonaventure 97, Richmond 88

Virginia Tech 61, @Virginia 60 (OT) - wat.  VT finds a signature win out of nowhere and Virginia punts their #1 overall seed for the time being
North Carolina 96, @NC State 89
@Boston College 72, Miami 70 - and speaking of stupid losses, what is Miami doing punting this game?  Is BC friskier than we thought?  (I like to pretend that the Duke game was a hallucination)
@Notre Dame 84, Florida St 69 - and this ACC loss might be dumber than all the others!  UND is in the tank and FSU gives up a lot of bubble equity in this one

Temple 73, @South Florida 55 - oh boy, we're going to be doing this, aren't we.  This is going down, isn't it
@Wichita St 95, UConn 74

Texas Tech 66, @Kansas St 47 - Tech is now winning road games with ease and I don't know what's right in the world anymore
@Baylor 80, Kansas 64 - we'll deal with the 1 line later.  For now, let's focus on Baylor suddenly having at-large life?  I guess they have to be in play now
@Iowa St 88, Oklahoma 80 - I think most people assume this is a top 12 team....nope.  Those teams don't consistently lose swing games like this
Oklahoma St 88, @West Virginia 85 - man, didn't we just finish burying OSU's at-large hopes?  Do we need to dig those back up?  And what the hell do you do with WVU's seed now?  This Big 12 is utter chaos
@TCU 87, Texas 71 - finally a game with 2 bubblers where the home team holds, and we can move on

Xavier 72, @Creighton 71 - X to the 1 line
@Villanova 86, Butler 75 - Nova back to 1 overall
@St John's 86, Marquette 78 - I'm so mad at St John's right now.  So might the league, if they start ruining bubble resumes, starting with Marquette's
@Georgetown 83, Seton Hall 80 - in a day filled with inexplicable losses, this might be the most.  I think everyone including me assumed SHU would fly along at cruising altitude to the tournament
DePaul 80, @Providence 63 - actually I take that back, THIS is the dumbest loss of the day.  Home to DePaul?  Bubble teams don't do this!

@Michigan St 68, Purdue 65 - now what....Purdue has a lack of quality wins, needed this week to cement their 1 seed, and instead went the other way.  Both of these seeds are quite frankly up in the air now
@Ohio St 82, Iowa 64
@Maryland 73, Northwestern 57
@Nebraska 67, Rutgers 55 - I kind of wish NU would just lose and get out of the way on the bubble already

@Middle Tennessee 79, North Texas 73
@Western Kentucky 83, Florida International 76

@Nevada 83, San Diego St 58
@Utah St 71, Boise St 65 - oh no

@Arizona 81, USC 67
@Arizona St 88, UCLA 79
@Utah 77, Cal 43
@Oregon 97, Washington 94 (2OT) - sigh

Auburn 78, @Georgia 61
@Alabama 78, Tennessee 50 - whoa UT, what are you doing.  You were really climbing the seed lines, and this was just ugly
@Texas A&M 85, Kentucky 74 - alright, A&M is fully back and we can seed them accordingly
Florida 65, @South Carolina 41
@Missouri 89, Mississippi St 85 (OT) - near disaster
@LSU 82, Ole Miss 66
@Arkansas 72, Vanderbilt 54

Gonzaga 78, @St Mary's 65

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