Friday, February 16, 2018

2/16 recap

@St Bonaventure 77, Rhode Island 74 - there's the one that gets Bonaventure back in bubble range.  Don't pretend that this is a magic elixir win, though.  It's still just a home hold, albeit a group 1 win.  Work remains.

@Wright St 69, Northern Kentucky 67 - WSU is even in the standings, with tiebreaker in hand.  And for some reason I care about a conference currently submerged in the 20s in the CRPI

Penn and Harvard won, go to dual 8-1s to lead the Ivy.


ILLSC said...

Typically when we disagree you tend to be right. I am inclined to believe that this made st bonas resume. Please explain why it isn't a total game changer, besides Niagara

Andrew said...

Their Group 1 record with 4 wins is a bit deceiving - @Buffalo, Vermont, and @Syracuse are good wins. But by March, most teams on the bubble will usually have about 1, maybe a 2nd win over a top tier team (URI) and a couple other wins against solid teams (3-4 Group 1 wins). Which means St Bonaventure's profile will be pretty similar to other bubble teams.

Now look at the rest of the A-10, and their schedule. Nothing but land mines going forward. The problem is they have no real chance of adding additional value. (they have 2 road games teetering on the Group 2/3 edge). So the other bubble teams are going to be gaining ground on them, and Bonaventure has to defense to that.

Andrew said...

But it probably is a game changer, sure. They got the pillar to their resume they needed.

ILLSC said...

Yeah I feel as if uri win mitigated their bad loss problem but that another dumb loss would probably be the end. I think the boonies have to win out until a10 final and can only lose to uri in the title to get in. And at that point why not just go for the autobid

HenryMuto said...

The committee seemed to show last week they care more about the number of group 1 wins rather then who the teams were they actually beat. Cincy had a 2 seed with 4 group 1 wins and 0 wins vs NCAA sure fire at large teams.

So while those are wins against Buffalo and Vermont not sure the committee will count that against them.