Thursday, February 15, 2018

2/13 recap

Virginia 59, @Miami 50
Boston College 81, @Pitt 58 - is BC in bubble play? No.

Michigan St 87, @Minnesota 57
@Nebraska 70, Maryland 66 - I think we have to put Nebraska on the bubble, just on sheer principle of being 11-4 in a power conference.  This is so weird
@Rutgers 67, Northwestern 58 (OT)

@Texas Tech 88, Oklahoma 78 - okay, seeding Tech is starting to get really annoying.  They have flaws that prevent them from being on the 1 line, but does a Big 12 champ miss the 1 line?  We have a paradox incoming.
Kansas 83, @Iowa St 77 - for the love of god, KU, run the table.  You'll get a 1 seed that way and make my life easier

@Rhode Island 84, Richmond 67 - 5 to go for URI
St Bonaventure 79, @LaSalle 68

@Tennessee 70, South Carolina 67
@Missouri 62, Texas A&M 58 - A&M did good work as of late, so they can easily afford one road loss.  But they're still under .500 in the SEC, they should aim to erase that.  Another decent win for Mizzou; I'm leaning in on most of these SEC bubble teams right now
Arkansas 75, @Ole Miss 64 - road wins are never trivial
@Alabama 80, LSU 65

Georgetown 87, @Butler 73 - what the hell is Georgetown doing?  They're starting to ruin everything for the conference.  This'll be worth a seed line next month

MACwatch:  Toledo and Buffalo both win, both continue on at 11-2

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