Saturday, February 24, 2018

2/17 recap

So here's what we're doing on the blog, as I return.  Daily recaps of what I missed.  This could be instructive as to how the committee does things.  I'll be reacting to stuff that is ancient history, treating it all the same, as if it just happened.  This is how the selection committee does things, mostly ignoring the date of game played.

So let's see what I missed.  I'm looking ONLY at scores here, I'm completely behind on any context behind these.  Which is also important to realize, as context for each result becomes muddied by the end of the year.  Because the selection committee simply can't consider context for every single game.

North Carolina 93, @Louisville 76 - time to admit UL is in some trouble
Syracuse 62, @Miami 55 - UM might not be completely safe.  Meanwhile, a very important Group 1 win for Syracuse and the ACC bubble is pretty crazy right now
Virginia Tech 76, @Georgia Tech 56
Notre Dame 84, @Boston College 67
NC State 90, @Wake Forest 84

@Baylor 59, Texas Tech 57 - okay, Baylor's resurgence into the bubble discussion is officially annoying as of this win
@Kansas 77, West Virginia 69
Texas 77, @Oklahoma 66 - um, ok, do we have to worry about Oklahoma right now?  Signature win for Texas though, for a team that desperately needed one
@Kansas St 78, Iowa St 66 - I can't wait until KState misses the tourney with their non-con SoS and everyone wonders why
@TCU 90, Oklahoma St 70

Villanova 95, @Xavier 79 - well, that's one 1 seed spoken for
@Butler 69, Providence 54
Marquette 90, @Creighton 86 - road wins are never trivial

@Idaho 79, Montana 77 (OT) - the Big Sky just got interesting.  Montana and Weber at 12-2, Idaho 1 back, it's tightened up

Michigan St 65, @Northwestern 60 - ok, some road wins are trivial
Indiana 84, @Iowa 82
@Maryland 61, Rutgers 51

UC Davis 71, @UCSB 54 - Big West race just got a lot tighter between these two and UCI

Middle Tennessee 87, @Louisiana Tech 70
Western Kentucky 85, @Rice 66 - onwards for all 3 CUSA contenders

Nevada 93, @Utah St 87
@Boise St 76, Air Force 52

@Washington 82, Colorado 59
Utah 77, @Washington St 70
@UCLA 86, Oregon 78 (OT)
@USC 72, Oregon St 59

@South Carolina 84, Auburn 75 - way to go Auburn.  People start believing in your 1 line hopes and there you go.  You're up again, Kansas.  Never should have left you in the first place
@Georgia 73, Tennessee 62
@Arkansas 94, Texas A&M 75
@LSU 64, Missouri 63 - ok, this road loss might hurt the profile, unlike the other two road losses above
@Kentucky 81, Alabama 71
@Vanderbilt 71, Florida 68 - another road loss that hurts
@Mississippi St 79, Ole Miss 62

@Seattle 73, New Mexico St 63 (OT) - might be the end of the at-large profile here

@Gonzaga 81, Pepperdine 67
St Mary's 73, @Portland 61

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HenryMuto said...

Here some context for you. Michigan State was down 27 in the 1st half against Northwestern. Was down 22 at the half. Northwestern a team who scored 49 pts in the 1st half scored 11 points in the entire 2nd half..........WTF

This was a Big Ten record comeback.

Pissed me off cost Ohio State a share of the Big Ten championship.

Welcome back.