Friday, February 8, 2019

2/7 recap

Iowa 77, @Indiana 72 - whatever
@Ohio St 74, Penn St 70

Washington St 91, @Arizona St 70 - what
Washington 67, @Arizona 60 - please if there is a God let Washington win this conference tourney.  Let's do this.  It feels real for the first time right now.  If they can bury ASU too...
Stanford 83, @Oregon St 60 - just in case you were looking for a new Pac-12 team to bandwagon

@Gonzaga 92, San Francisco 62 - probably time to accept the inevitability of a 1-bid WCC now.  USF just can't make a reasonable case right now
@St Mary's 78, Pacific 66

Houston 77, @UCF 68 - critical blow to the AAC; UCF (and everyone else) might have too far to go to get an at-large bid now.  Quality win chance by the boards
Cincinnati 69, @Memphis 64 - the one bit of good news is that their two teams will be seeded high

@UNC Greensboro 75, Samford 67
Wofford 78, @East Tennessee St 76 (OT) - this will go down as a very quality win, and now we've got something legitimate with Wofford's at-large chances.  They have every key factor in play, including a very strong top of the rest of the conference, meaning a loss in the conference tourney won't be as damaging.  We've also got a bit of separation in the standings as Wofford and UNCG have shaken ETSU and Furman loose

@Hofstra 102, Elon 61
Belmont 83, @Eastern Kentucky 65
@Murray St 86, Eastern Illinois 75 - one minor annoyance:  Austin Peay hanging around in the conference race, tied with the usual two suspects
New Mexico St 71, @Cal St-Bakersfield 70 (OT)

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Bryan Wilson said...

When you say teams like UCF, San Fran, etc. dont have a chance any more, it might be a little deceiving this year because so many promising teams and conferences are falling hard. I've been running some random simulations of the rest of the year and it seems like in every simulation, some completely undeserving team makes it in just from lack of better options. Some examples of teams we might have to choose between:

Texas team with a losing record (15-16) but 7 G1 wins
Oklahoma team that is 6-12 in conference but no bad losses
Saint Marys team that ends at 11-5 in WCC, picking off Gonzaga at home
Indiana team that is 7-13 in conference, including beating purdue at home
Oregon team that goes 10-8 in conference, beating Arizonas at home but doing nothing else of note
Clemson (17-14, 7-11) team whose best win down the stretch is @ Notre Dame
Seton Hall team that goes 8-10 in conference and does nothing of note down the stretch except sweeping Creighton
Toledo team that is 26-5 overall and beats Buffalo at home, but 2nd best win all year is probably @ Northern Illinois

These are the kinds of teams that are consistently showing up on my projected bubbles, and it is going to be a shit show trying to pick.