Sunday, February 24, 2019

2/24 recap

You know, there's usually a late Sunday Pac-12 game that delays these posts.  This year, I can march forward early without fear of missing anything relevant.

Michigan St 77, @Michigan 70 - right now we have a 7-team breakaway for 4 spots on the 1 line.  Ironically, I still might be moving UM up to the 2 line anyways, thanks to Kansas
@Rutgers 68, Minnesota 64 - oh no baby what is you doing
@Xavier 66, Villanova 54 - Nova is spilling quite a bit of equity now.  I'm not sure they're above an 8.  Xavier has SJU twice, so there's still time to make this resume into something
@UCF 95, SMU 48
Cincinnati 64, @UConn 60
@NC State 94, Wake 74
@Arizona St 69, Cal 59 - service holds elsewhere today
@UNC Greensboro 60, East Tennessee St 59

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