Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2/27 S-CURVE

Changes from last update (handy cheat sheet for the bracket matrix):
Kansas St from a 5 to a 6
Virginia Tech from a 6 to a 5
TCU from a 9 to a 10
Texas from a 10 to a 9
Temple from a 10 to a 11
Alabama from a 11 to a 10

The 1 line:  Virginia, Gonzaga, Duke, Kentucky
The 2 line:  Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan St, Michigan
The 3 line:  Houston, LSU, Kansas, Marquette
The 4 line:  Purdue, Texas Tech, Nevada, Florida St
The 5 line:  Iowa St, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Maryland
The 6 line:  Kansas St, Louisville, Mississippi St, Iowa
The 7 line:  Buffalo, Villanova, Washington, Ole Miss
The 8 line:  Cincinnati, Baylor, Wofford, Syracuse
The 9 line:  Auburn, St John's, VCU, Texas
The 10 line:  Ohio St, Oklahoma, Arizona St, TCU
The 11 line:  Seton Hall, Florida, Alabama, Central Florida
The 12 line:  Minnesota, Temple, North Carolina St, Utah St, Belmont, Lipscomb
The 13 line:  New Mexico St, Hofstra, Yale, Old Dominion
The 14 line:  Vermont, UC Irvine, South Dakota St, Texas St
The 15 line:  Montana, Missouri St, Wright St, Radford
The 16 line:  Bucknell, Sam Houston St, St Francis(PA), Iona, Norfolk St, Prairie View A&M

Next 4 in:
Seton Hall
Central Florida

Last 4 in:
North Carolina St
Utah St

Last 4 out:
St Mary's
Oregon St

Next 4 out:


HenryMuto said...

Saint Mary's can't possibly be that close to getting in.

They have a total of 3 combined wins vs top 2 quadrants

They are against NM State, San Fran and San Diego.

In other words they have 0 wins vs any at large quality team.

They must win the WCC tournament based on this terrible resume.

They also play in the WCC and have 10 losses.

They should not even be in your last 8 out.

HenryMuto said...

I forgot they still play Gonzaga in the regular season so if they beat Gonzaga we can revisit this.

Andrew said...

I mean, sure, but who the hell do I list in their place?