Thursday, February 21, 2019

2/21 recap

@Gonzaga 92, Pepperdine 64
San Francisco 77, @BYU 71 - this is a quality road win that's a bit too late, frankly
St Mary's 58, Pacific 32 - I see 3 pretty good solid NIT teams in this conference, if nothing else

Michigan 69, @Minnesota 60
@Cincinnati 60, UCF 55 - this won't hurt UCF....but they kinda needed help, and this ain't helping

@UNC Greensboro 79, Western Carolina 76 (OT)
@Belmont 99, Eastern Illinois 58 - Murray St also wins, they stay tied atop the OVC.  I do wonder the natural bias effect a shared conference championship would have on at-large selection.  Belmont is still viable, kinda.  Murray St isn't
@Hofstra 91, Towson 82 (2OT) - I can't take Hofstra seriously after this one, but jeez, with the rest of this bubble I still have to keep them around
@UMBC 65, Vermont 56 - I don't think Vermont was a viable at-large contender anyways, but this makes it official

@USC 66, Oregon 49
@UCLA 68, Oregon St 67 - about a week ago I thought Utah and the Oregon schools were closest to being the 3rd Pac-12 team....and now they're all in the tank.  Whatever
@Arizona 76, Cal 51

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