Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2/19 recap

Kentucky 66, @Missouri 58
@Tennessee 58, Vanderbilt 46
@South Carolina 79, Ole Miss 64 - that's not an ideal spot to spend a loss
@Texas A&M 65, Alabama 56 - ditto.  But Alabama is in real, real danger now

Purdue 48, @Indiana 46 - Indiana is out of time
Maryland 66, @Iowa 65 - the battle for a 4/5 seed is very competitive, and road wins like this will stick out.  I'd argue though that the battle is very superficial and won't have much impact on the chances of those teams to advance
@Penn St 95, Nebraska 71 - welp

Florida St 77, @Clemson 64 - it's getting very dicey to make a case for Clemson at this point

Baylor 73, @Iowa St 69 - signature road win, that probably does more to hurt ISU than help Baylor.  BU is kind of on the fringes of joining the battle on the 5-6 lines, but this is very costly for ISU's hopes of holding onto a 4 seed.  Can we just put the entire Big 12 on the 5-6 lines?

Dayton 74, @Davidson 73 - Davidson has really only been projected in the field as a conference leader.  Don't be fooled by the aggregate listings on Bracket Matrix...I think they're not really being listed as a possible at-large anywhere.  And this loss is a fatal blow to those chances
@VCU 76, Rhode Island 42

@Buffalo 114, Ohio 67 - but Bowling Green also wins and will continue to rep the MAC in the projections

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