Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2/12 recap

Duke 71, @Louisville 69 - probably pushes UL off the 2 line for the rest of this year
@BC 66, Pitt 57 - NIT bubble game!

LSU 73, @Kentucky 71 - well I feel a lot better about seeding LSU high.  Signature road wins usually require a serious bump.  I'm thinking 4 line at the moment.  And if nothing else, LSU has turned the SEC into a 3-team conference, with all 3 in position for a protected seed
@Mississippi St 81, Alabama 62
@Missouri 79, Arkansas 78 - endgame for Arky's chances

@Penn St 75, Michigan 69 - this might push UM's chances at the 1 line too far out.  Pretty stout competition as I don't see how MSU, UT, Duke, or UVa come back to the pack given how they're playing.  And this loss will likely look worse than any single loss on any 1 seed contender's resume
Michigan St 67, @Wisconsin 59 - and with this, I do feel like MSU will be the B1G team with a serious chance at the 1 line now.  Starting to amass too many quality wins to ignore
@Maryland 70, Purdue 56 - I thought the committee was too aggressive with Purdue's seed; I expect an adjustment, even though this isn't a bad loss.  Tough to say what to do with Maryland; if you look at the 4-7 lines, the candidates for those spots are numerous.  Not a lot of spots to move up

Kansas St 71, @Texas 64 - tough ask, but Texas needs to plain old win games at this point

Marquette 92, @DePaul 73 - believe it or not, this is a win with some nutritional value this year
@St John's 77, Butler 73 (OT) - Butler has the same problem Texas has.  At some point, the raw number of wins you have matter, and 14 is low this time of year

Buffalo 76, @Akron 70
Davidson 79, @Fordham 69

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HenryMuto said...

Brutal non call for Kentucky at the end. It should have never got to that point Kentucky missed too many FT's. Really sets Kentucky back for any shot at a 1 seed or getting South region.