Thursday, February 14, 2019

2/13 recap

@Tennessee 85, South Carolina 73
Ole Miss 60, @Auburn 55 - quality road win for Ole Miss, makes me feel a little better about putting them in.  Auburn's attention needs to turn from seeding to just plain making the field at this point
@Florida 66, Vandy 57 - I almost kind of wish Florida would eject from this season and make my job easier.  I guess they've got to stay around the bubble, but I'm not excited about it

@Villanova 85, Providence 67
@Seton Hall 90, Georgetown 75 - starting to feel pretty strongly we'll have a 4 bid Big East.  Combining St John's, SHU, and Butler's at large chances, it should add up to around 200%
@Xavier 64, Creighton 61 (OT)

Texas Tech 78, @Oklahoma St 50

@Florida St 88, Wake Forest 66
@Virginia Tech 76, Georgia Tech 68
@Miami 65, Clemson 64 - well this is a pretty crappy loss to absorb when you're a new bubble team.  Clemson's profile is pretty barren as is
@NC State 73, Syracuse 58 - the most critical of service holds for NCSU at home.  I still don't know what they can do to hide their non-con SoS, though

Rutgers 59, @Northwestern 56
@Nebraska 62, Minnesota 61 - looks like Minny will be resignated to bubble status for the duration of the season

UCLA 75, @Cal 67 (OT)
@Colorado 77, Arizona St 73 - I give up
@Stanford 79, USC 76

@UCF 78, USF 65
@Temple 82, SMU 74 - service holds in the AAC

@VCU 81, Richmond 60

Liberty 74, @Lipscomb 66 - a signature road win!  Liberty isn't really close to the bubble....but Lipscomb was.  Margin of error is pretty close to zero when you're in the A-Fun, and this definitely used all of it up.  Still not ready to discard Lipscomb from at-large discussion
@Utah St 76, Wyoming 59
@Fresno St 65, Boise St 63

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