Wednesday, February 6, 2019

2/5 recap

@Tennessee 72, Missouri 60
@Kentucky 76, South Carolina 48
@Auburn 76, Florida 62
@Arkansas 69, Vandy 66

@Duke 80, BC 55
@UNC 113, NC State 96
Florida St 80, @Syracuse 62 - quality road wins are tough to come by.  They're a tough team to see, partly because of so many upper-end ACC teams in the mix
@Wake 78, Pitt 76 (OT) - I can't believe Pitt was even in the proximity of the bubble a couple weeks ago

Michigan 77, @Rutgers 65
@Illinois 79, Michigan St 74 - what

St John's 70, @Marquette 69 - signature road win!  We have a clear #3 team in the Big East, finally.  I would hope SJU can hold onto the wheel from here

@Kansas St 74, Kansas 67 - well, my Kansas take looks slightly dumber now.  It's still such a weird resume to try and evaluate.  But I may have to put Gonzaga back on the 2 line ahead of them now

@St Louis 73, Dayton 60 - SLU finding form just in time to screw up the resumes of the other contending teams now
Utah St 82, @Fresno St 81 - cannot overstate how important this one is.  Best non-Nevada win available in the conference.  USU is in play on the bubble now

MACwatch:  Bowling Green wins again and will continue to rep the MAC in the bracket.  It does seem like the conference as a whole is good enough to beat Buffalo in the conference tourney, and we'll FINALLY get the at-large bid out of the MAC I've literally been waiting 2 decades for.

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HenryMuto said...

What a game Wofford wins in OT over ETSU in a great great game. It be awesome if somehow the Southern got in 2 teams. The top 4 teams are very good I mean Furman the 4th best team won at Nova for crying out load. A shame these teams basically have to be perfect in their league to even sniff at large shot.