Thursday, February 21, 2019

2/20 recap

North Carolina 88, @Duke 72
@Syracuse 69, Louisville 49 - UL is becoming an impossible team to seed
@NC State 89, BC 80 (OT) - good God, what a near disaster this was

Florida 82, @LSU 77 (OT) - a massive win, and I can't believe we're going to be talking about Florida probably from here on in.  Good side of the bubble now.  And a reason why we shouldn't have trusted LSU on the 3 line.
Mississippi St 68, @Georgia 67
@Auburn 79, Arkansas 56

@Michigan St 71, Rutgers 60
@Ohio St 63, Northwestern 49

@Marquette 79, Butler 69
@Georgetown 85, Villanova 73 - GU is probably 1 signature win away from getting all the way into the field.  In play.  Villanova might be spilling a couple seed lines though.  I've said before that the competition on the 4-7 lines is tight, and this will hurt a lot compared to what those other teams are doing
Xavier 70, @Seton Hall 69 - this is why the Big East can't have nice things this year
@Providence 78, St John's 59 - go to hell Big East

@San Diego St 65, Nevada 57 - that's the one.  The road loss to a good team that nonetheless wrecks the resume a bit.  It'll take a bit more to probably drop them outside the top 4 lines, but this likely caps their upside to a 3 seed
@Utah St 71, New Mexico 55

@Arizona St 80, Stanford 62
@Washington 62, Utah 45 - we're quickly moving towards a 2-bid Pac-12

@FGCU 67, Lipscomb 61 - that's the one.  Lipscomb absolutely had to keep a clean sheet in their Quad 3/4 games.  Now the path to an at-large bid practically has to be just one more loss to Liberty in a conference final.  Don't see any other path working well

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