Monday, February 22, 2016

Historic performance

This is highly self-serving, but I wanted all this info in one place and I need to import it somewhere.  Bear with me for a post.

67 of 68 teams correct
35 seeded correctly
64 seeded within 1 line
T-35 of 136 on the Bracket Matrix

67 of 68 teams correct
34 seeded correctly (not a good number)
60 seeded within 1 line
T-73 of 121 on the Bracket Matrix

These years were pre-blog and therefore pre-Bracket Matrix:
2013:  (this was the year people struggled with seed lines and the year Oregon was a 12 when they should've been about a 6)
67 of 68 teams correct
39 seeded correctly
58 seeded within 1 line
hypothetical T-11 of 121 on the Bracket Matrix

67 of 68 teams correct (this is the year the committee took NC State over Miami on the bubble.  I still maintain the committee was wrong, dead wrong in what they did and I refuse to accept this 67 of 68.  Also of note:  I called Iona in and Drexel out when almost no one saw it)
38 seeded correctly
64 seeded within 1 line
hypothetical T-8 of 115 on the Bracket Matrix (don't worry about these great performances, it evens out...)

64 of 68 teams correct (oh no)
33 seeded correctly
51 seeded within 1 line (ahahahahahahahaha)
hypothetical T-54 of 89 on the Bracket Matrix (how did this beat 30 people?????)

2010:  (field shrinks to 65 from this year on back)
64 of 65 teams correct
27 seeded correctly
51 seeded within 1 line
hypothetical T-63 out of 83 on the Bracket Matrix  (seeding was brutal this year)

63 of 65 teams correct
29 seeded correctly
49 seeded within 1 line
hypothetical T-47 out of 61 on the Bracket Matrix

...and message board archives only go so far back.  :(


HenryMuto said...
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HenryMuto said...

I'm no expert (not on the bracket matrix) but I have kept a spreadsheet since 2003 on my picks.

I picked all 68 teams in 2013 (sadly the only time I got every team right)
8 times I got all but 1 team right
4 times I missed 2 teams
Total 844/860 = 98.14%
At large 436/452 = 96.5% (True number of % of correct picks) since Auto bids are automatic

My highest score was last year 351 pts (more than 1st at matrix who had 347) I had 45 teams seeded correctly my best ever and 63 of my 66 correct teams within 1.

2015 - 66/68 (UCLA, Mississippi) I had Colorado State and Temple in
2014 - 67/68 (NC State) I had SMU in
2013 - 68/68 Bazinga all 68 correct
2012 - 67/68 (Iona) I had Drexel in
2011 - 66/68 (VCU, UAB) I had Colorado and Va Tech in
2010 - 64/65 (Florida) I had Va Tech in
2009 - 64/65 (Arizona) I had Saint Mary's in
2008 - 64/65 (Oregon) I had Illinois State in
2007 - 63/65 (Stanford, Arkansas) I had Syracuse and Drexel in
2006 - 63/65 (Utah State, Air Force) I had Cincinnati and Missouri State (RPI 21!) in
2005 - 64/65 (Northern Iowa) I had Buffalo in
2004 - 64/65 (UTEP) I had Utah State in
2003 - 64/65 (Boston College) I had Alabama in

Andrew said...

Oh man, 2006. I think I remember being 63/65, missing Cincy and Michigan and predicting they'd bone Missouri St. That was such a ridiculous year, in the fact that Air Force and Utah St were both unbelievably awful picks, 2 of the worst in committee history, but for some reason George Mason was the target of the talking heads. And then the seeding, one of the worst seeding jobs I've ever seen with regards to both majors and mid-majors. That was the worst committee performance EVER.