Monday, February 22, 2016

2/22 S-CURVE

AQ shenanigans:
WCC:  St Mary's is in at the AQ
AAC:  Temple still in as the AQ
A-10:  VCU is now in as the AQ

The 1 line:  Kansas (22-4), Oklahoma (21-5), Villanova (24-3), Virginia (21-5)
The 2 line:  Xavier (24-3), Iowa (20-6), Michigan St (22-5), North Carolina (22-5)
The 3 line:  Oregon (20-6), Miami (21-5), Maryland (22-5), West Virginia (20-7)
The 4 line:  Duke (20-7), Iowa St (19-8), Kentucky (20-7), Purdue (21-7)
The 5 line:  Arizona (22-5), Baylor (19-7), Indiana (22-6), Utah (20-7)
The 6 line:  Dayton (21-5), Texas A&M (20-7), Notre Dame (18-8), Texas (17-10)
The 7 line:  USC (19-8), California (19-8), Colorado (18-9), Pittsburgh (18-7)
The 8 line:  South Carolina (21-5), Providence (19-8), Seton Hall (19-7), St Joseph's (22-5)
The 9 line:  Syracuse (18-10), Wichita St (20-7), Cincinnati (20-8), UConn (19-7)
The 10 line:  Monmouth (22-6), Texas Tech (17-9), Wisconsin (17-10), Temple (17-9)
The 11 line:  Florida (17-10), Valparaiso (22-5), George Washington (20-7), Butler (18-9)
The 12 line:  VCU (20-7), St Mary's (21-5), Michigan (18-9), Gonzaga (20-7), Arkansas-Little Rock (22-3), San Diego St (18-7)
The 13 line:  Akron (20-6), Chattanooga (22-5), UNC-Wilmington (19-6), IPFW (20-7)
The 14 line:  Yale (17-6), Stony Brook (21-5), Hawaii (20-3), UAB (21-5)
The 15 line:  Belmont (19-9), Stephen F Austin (16-5), New Mexico St (18-9), Winthrop (17-7)
The 16 line:  Montana (14-8), North Florida (17-10), Bucknell (14-12), Wagner (17-9), Hampton (14-9), Texas Southern (13-12)

Next 4 in:
Texas Tech

Last 4 in:
George Washington
St Mary's***

Last 4 out:
St Bonaventure (18-7)
Tulsa (18-9)
Oregon St (14-10)
Alabama (16-10)

Next 4 out:
Arkansas-Little Rock***
San Diego St***
Washington (16-11)
Vanderbilt (16-11)
Clemson (16-11)
UCLA (16-12)

The 1 line:  St Bonaventure (18-7), Tulsa (18-9), Oregon St (14-10), Alabama (16-10)
The 2 line:  Washington (16-11), Vanderbilt (16-11), Clemson (16-11), UCLA (16-12)
The 3 line:  Florida St (16-11), Ohio St (18-10), Georgia (14-11), Creighton (17-10)
The 4 line:  LSU (16-11), BYU (20-8), Davidson (15-9), Kansas St (15-12)
The 5 line:  Princeton (17-5), South Dakota St (19-7), Hofstra (19-8), Ole Miss (17-10)
The 6 line:  Stanford (12-12), Georgia Tech (16-12), UC-Irvine (18-8), Fresno St (16-9)
The 7 line:  Georgetown (14-14), Evansville (21-7), Houston (19-8), Ohio (17-8)
The 8 line:  Boise St (15-10), William & Mary (16-9), James Madison (19-9), New Mexico (16-11)

Last 4 out:
Arizona St (14-13), Southern Illinois (21-8), Kent St (17-9), Rhode Island (16-12)

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HenryMuto said...

Hard to argue against much of what you have here today on the S-Curve. I think you have Arizona right as a 5 seed their resume is really lacking the wins just 2 top 50 wins most people have them as a 3 or 4 seed and I just think that is too high with their current resume. I think Utah should actually be ahead of Arizona they have a lot of top 50 wins. I don't think Gonzaga should be in the field they have just about nothing on the resume. UCONN win and only other decent win was Washington who isn't even a tourney team. I think Gonzaga is going to have to win the WCC tournament or they will not be getting a bid this year. I want them to make it but I have to use my head not my heart when selecting my teams. I was looking at another bracket today of a place I visit often he had Duke on the 2 line. Seemed crazy to me but what a huge difference two one point wins can make. Kentucky coming off that bizarre loss is getting punished by some saying they have to now win out to get a 4 seed. I am bias as a Kentucky fan but I think they are a 4 seed right where you have them now so I don't see how they have to win out to keep it. I think they could lose another game and still get a 4 maybe even a 3 seed if they win the SEC tournament and at least get a share of the SEC regular season crown. Of course they could be in line for at least a 3 seed right now if not for losing to Kansas and Texas A&M two games they should have won. They might be in a bit of trouble now with Willis injured and Alex Poytress still now back yet. They should win without them tomorrow but Saturday they will be in for a tough one at Vandy. I think you might have Saint Joe's a little high at 8 seed. I think Seton Hall is too high man they might not even be in the field if Saint John's didn't self destruct and hand that game away. Thinking Hall is more like a 10 seed. Overall pretty good job I think.