Thursday, February 25, 2016

2/25 Top Four lines

I won't do a full bracket everyday, but I will do a top 4 lines most days now.  This is more relevant than usual because there are more daily changes than usual.  Why is this?

Right now I have 4 B1G teams, 4 Big 12 teams, and 4 ACC teams in my top 16.  According to the 4-in-4 rule, teams from the same conference in the top 4 lines must be separated.  The top four teams in the three conferences mentioned above must be in four separate regionals.

Therefore, the chain reaction results in this:  each regional must contain exactly one B1G team, one Big 12 team, one ACC team, and one team from another conference.  This causes some nasty chain reactions, the biggest one being that Oregon is locked out of playing in the west regional because Xavier has the 1 seed in the west.

This results in imbalance, and a hysterical situation where Kentucky plays in Lousiville the second weekend.  Why?  Because they're forced there!  There's actually nowhere else for them to go on the 4 line.

Today, this is where we stand:

1) Kansas (Des Moines)
2) Miami (Oklahoma City)
3) Maryland (Providence)
4) Kentucky (Denver)

1) Xavier (St Louis)
2) North Carolina (Raleigh)
3) Iowa (Des Moines)
4) Iowa St (Denver)

1) Villanova (Brooklyn)
2) Virginia (Raleigh)
3) West Virginia (Brooklyn)
4) Purdue (Spokane)

1) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
2) Michigan St (St Louis)
3) Oregon (Spokane)
4) Duke (Providence)

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