Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16 recap

Big 12:
@Texas 85, West Virginia 78 - a modest blow to WVU's seed line, a modest boon to Texas'
@Baylor 100, Iowa St 91 (OT) - same story, different teams.  Everyone behind Kansas and Oklahoma are starting to collect together around the 3-5 lines.  A perfect storm is brewing in the conference where everyone beats each other and gives each other quality wins.  For people who think the Big 12 is overrated, this is your hell.  You're there.  Sorry, they're all going to be high seeds

@Purdue 71, Northwestern 61
@Ohio St 76, Michigan 66 - Michigan seems to be intent on doing the bare minimum to stay in the tournament field. Meanwhile.  Ohio St:  not dead yet!

Big East:
@Butler 88, Creighton 75 - an important service hold for Butler, and an important opportunity by the boards for Creighton

@Pittsburgh 101, Wake Forest 96 (2OT) - well that was almost not very good

@Missouri 72, South Carolina 67 - See, THIS is why no one wants to give you any credit, South Carolina.  Because you can go do something stupid like this that costs you two seed lines
Florida 57, @Georgia 53 - road wins are never trivial.  Georgia's just about out of time here
@Texas A&M 71, Ole Miss 56
@Mississippi St 75, Vanderbilt 54 - your catastrophic bubble loss of the day

@VCU 83, Rhode Island 67

@Akron 80, Buffalo 70

Valparaiso 66, @Cleveland St 43

NITWatch:  Davidson handles Richmond at home...Kansas St over TCU, and yes, shut the hell up.  This is the section where K-State belongs.  Not above with the legit bubble teams.  If you disagree, you're wrong and I'll fight you

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