Sunday, February 28, 2016

2/27 recap

Rhode Island 75, @Dayton 66 - okay, Dayton, we're gonna have some seed line issues to work out here
VCU 69, @George Washington 65 - well, finally VCU.  Something significant, a road win.  These A-10 schools might warrant a breakdown on their own, because the pecking order is very muddled now
@St Bonaventure 85, UMass 83
NITWatch:  Davidson loses at Fordham, not a lock for the NIT yet

@Virginia 79, North Carolina 74 - a really tricky dynamic emerging in the ACC.  Will a conference championship matter to the committee?  And how much?  Virginia's 3rd in the ACC but 1st in resume value, I've had UNC on the 3 line on merit but others have them on the 1 line based on their ACC lead...and Miami needs to be discussed.  This won't be solved for another couple weeks
@Miami 73, Louisville 65 - meanwhile, Miami and the 1 line has a chance.  Not a great one, but a chance
@Florida St 77, Notre Dame 56 - not great for UND.  Florida St needs so much more than this
@Syracuse 75, NC State 66
NITWatch:  Georgia Tech beats hapless BC, should probably make the NIT at this point

Cincinnati 65, @East Carolina 56
@Temple 63, Central Florida 61

Big 12:
@Kansas 67, Texas Tech 58
@Texas 76, Oklahoma 63 - this probably removes OU off the one line for good
West Virginia 70, @Oklahoma St 56
@Iowa St 80, Kansas St 61
Baylor 86, TCU 71

Big East:
Villanova 89, @Marquette 79
Butler 90, @Georgetown 87 (OT) - near disaster.  But remember:  road wins are never trivial
@Providence 87, DePaul 66

@Purdue 83, Maryland 79 - man, Maryland fans are going to be so mad at their seed in March.  4 line incoming
NITWatch:  Northwestern wins and stays on the bubble

Big West:
Hawaii and UC Irvine both win...both still in good shape for NIT at-large bids

Hofstra and UNC-Wilmington win, and end up tied in the end.  Hofstra gets the 1 seed and the NIT bid, UNC-Wilmington and William & Mary will enter as viable at-large candidates for the NIT

Princeton and Yale both win again, at this point the loser of this conference race is in great shape for the NIT

@Wichita St 74, Illinois St 58
NITWatch:  aside from that ISU loss, Evansville lost at home to UNI.  I think the NIT pecking order will be Evansville/Illinois St/Northern Iowa/Southern Illinois, and all 4 might miss

Mountain West:
Boise St 66, @San Diego St 63 - sure, NOW Boise finds a signature win.  Probably fatal for SDSU's at-large hopes
NITWatch:  Fresno over New Mexico...if anything the MWC have themselves a chance at the NIT today

@Utah 70, Arizona 64 - all of a sudden, Utah is a clear #2 in the conference pecking order, and probably a 4 seed.  Arizona's seed will surprise people, it won't be great
NITWatch:  Stanford beat UCLA at home, both headed to the NIT...I think.  I'm pretty sure Stanford can't get all the way home

@Vanderbilt 74, Kentucky 62 - my life would've been easier if Vandy had stayed buried.  No idea what to do with them
Texas A&M 84, @Missouri 69
@Mississippi St 68, South Carolina 58 - jesus, South Carolina
@Alabama 65, Auburn 57
@LSU 96, Florida 91 - speaking of not knowing what to do, I think Florida might be out now, but heck if I know
NITWatch:  Georgia over Ole Miss, Arkansas over Tennessee....Georgia/Ole Miss/Arkansas are all 8-8 in conference.  Is there really room for all of them in the NIT?  Georgia probably, the other 2...I'm not sure

@Chattanooga 77, Samford 66

IPFW lost but still have their 1 seed.  South Dakota St won and will need an at-large bid to make the NIT

Sun Belt:
@Arkansas-Little Rock 73, Texas St 68

Gonzaga 71, @BYU 68 - first BYU:  they're finally dead.  Now, for the trickier case.  Gonzaga.  In?  I think so for now.  I think.  I don't know.  This is unchartered territory for them and for the committee, really
St Mary's 84, @San Francisco 72 - road wins are never trivial

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