Monday, February 8, 2016


AQ shenanigans:
SEC:  Welcome LSU to the bracket for the first time this season.  They lead the SEC and take the at-large decision off the board for now
AAC:  Temple continues to hold down this spot provisionally
Summit:  South Dakota St back to front and back in the bracket here
WCC:  Gonzaga leads by a half-game over St Mary's

The 1 line:  Oklahoma (19-3), Villanova (20-3), Xavier (21-2), Iowa (19-4)
The 2 line:  Kansas (18-4), Virginia (19-4), Oregon (19-4), North Carolina (19-4)
The 3 line:  Michigan St (20-4), Maryland (21-3), West Virginia (19-4), Miami (18-4)
The 4 line:  Iowa St (17-6), Dayton (19-3), USC (18-5), Arizona (18-5)
The 5 line:  Texas A&M (18-5), Purdue (19-5), Texas (16-7), Duke (17-6)
The 6 line:  Baylor (16-6), Kentucky (17-6), Providence (18-6), South Carolina (19-3)
The 7 line:  Indiana (19-5), Notre Dame (16-7), Utah (16-7), Pittsburgh (16-5)
The 8 line:  Colorado (16-7), Wichita St (16-6), Syracuse (16-8), Michigan (16-7)
The 9 line:  California (15-8), Florida (15-8), Seton Hall (17-6), Monmouth (18-5)
The 10 line:  Butler (16-7), Washington (15-8), Arkansas-Little Rock (19-2), Gonzaga (18-5)
The 11 line:  Cincinnati (17-7), UConn (17-6), Valparaiso (18-4), George Washington (18-5), St Joseph's (19-4)
The 12 line:  San Diego St (16-6), Florida St (16-7), VCU (17-6), Temple (14-8), Chattanooga (19-3)
The 13 line:  LSU (15-8), South Dakota St (17-5), Akron (18-4), UNC-Wilmington (16-5)
The 14 line:  UC-Irvine (16-6), Yale (14-5), Stony Brook (17-4), UAB (19-4)
The 15 line:  Tennessee Tech (15-7), New Mexico St (15-8), Montana (11-8), North Florida (15-8)
The 16 line:  UNC-Asheville (15-8), Stephen F Austin (12-5), Bucknell (12-10), Fairleigh Dickinson (11-11), Texas Southern (10-12), South Carolina St (11-11)

Bubble in:
Seton Hall

Next 4 in:
Arkansas-Little Rock***

Last 4 in:
George Washington
St Joseph's
San Diego St***
Florida St

Last 4 out:
Clemson (14-9)
St Mary's (18-3)
Wisconsin (14-9)
Oregon St (13-8)

Next 4 out:
UCLA (13-10)
St Bonaventure (15-6)
Vanderbilt (13-10)
Georgetown (13-11)

The consideration board:
Every year, there is always a team that comes out of nowhere for an at-large bid.  It makes no sense to say any of these teams will get an at-large in early February, but surely, one of these teams always rises and rallies.  Here is my list for the 2016 season:
Texas Tech (13-9), Kansas St (14-9), Arizona St (13-11), Stanford (10-10), Virginia Tech (13-11), Creighton (15-9), Georgia (13-8), Alabama (13-9), Ohio St (14-10), Davidson (12-8), Tulsa (15-8), William & Mary (15-6), Boise St (14-8), BYU (16-8)

Break it down!
Pac-12 7
B1G 6
Big 12 6
Big East 5
A-10 4


HenryMuto said...

Interesting differences for Kentucky around the brackets. I am a Kentucky fan so I always follow how the brackets look at them. You have them as a 6 seed. Joe Lunardi has them as a 4 seed. I would have them as a 5 seed right now. Imagine if they had won the last 2 games like they should have at Kansas and up 21 at Tennessee. I follow a lot of other teams as well. I live in Ohio so I follow Ohio State, Cleveland State, Xavier, Kent State and Akron as well. Love the year Xavier is having hope they can finally make it to a final 4. I just hope that Kentucky and Xavier are put in different regions. I remember how much I hated 2011 when #1 overall seed Ohio State and #4 seed Kentucky got put in the same region and had to play in the sweet 16. That game was the worst game ever for me. It be different if they played each other in the National Championship game then I would be happy either way but would root for Kentucky. In 2012 that nearly came true.

HenryMuto said...

Kansas State is now in 22 out of 80

HenryMuto said...

Oh boy Texas Tech will be back into everyone's bracket now with the win vs Iowa State. Maybe they can take Kansas State spot now that K-State lost.

HenryMuto said...

The night at large dreams died.....

William & Mary if they had any chance at all went bye bye tonight.

Chattanooga suffers a crippling loss.

Arkansas-LR down 9 with about 3 minutes left as I wright this.

So frustrating that these teams will be left out for the middling power teams who get 15 chances a year with 8 of them at home to get wins that matter while the little guys must win nearly every game to get in.