Sunday, February 7, 2016

2/6 recap

Big 12:
@Kansas St 80, Oklahoma 69 - OU is still on the 1 line; them and Xavier and Villanova are a debate.  That head-to-head victory over Nova is the difference for now, but you could almost argue them in any order.  As for Kansas St, they were irrelevant and now?  STILL IRRELEVANT
Kansas 75, @TCU 56
Iowa St 64, @Oklahoma St 59
@West Virginia 80, Baylor 69 - status quo result
@Texas 69, Texas Tech 59 - 18 brackets still project Texas Tech in the field of 68.  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

@Notre Dame 80, North Carolina 76 - UNC's resume doesn't support the eye test of having them on the 1 line.  Notre Dame now on the verge of the lockbox
@Virginia 64, Pittsburgh 50 - quality road wins matter
@Louisville 79, Boston College 47
Florida St 91, @Wake Forest 71 - road wins are never trivial on the bubble and I can't believe I'm saying it, but FSU is a legitimate player now
@Duke 88, NC State 80
@Virginia Tech 60, Clemson 57 - eh, crap.  Clemson got a couple of the roadies they needed to win, but drop this one.  Can't drop too many more of these

Big East:
Villanova 72, @Providence 60 - quality road wins matter
@Xavier 90, Marquette 82
@Creighton 88, DePaul 66
Butler 89, @St John's 56
@Seton Hall 69, Georgetown 61 - GU can't afford to lose these types of games.  Neither can SHU, for that matter

@Maryland 72, Purdue 61 - status quo for both; well Maryland might tick up a seed line
Michigan St 89, @Michigan 73 - status quo for both as well
@Penn St 68, Indiana 63 - just when Indiana was on the brink of the lockbox.  This hurts, but it's certainly not fatal
@Nebraska 87, Rutgers 63

Arizona 77, @Washington 72 - kinda important for Zona to get some quality road wins on the ledger.  This doesn't necessarily hurt UW, but this was a golden chance to get a bit clear of the bubble for the moment
@California 76, Stanford 61 - Stanford's probably reached critical mass
Arizona St 67, @Washington St 55
@Oregon St 60, Colorado 56 - this was the type of game that's mandatory for OSU's chances...this hurts Colorado a bit but they're not on the bubble yet

South Carolina 81, @Texas A&M 78 - USC finally solves its signature win issue and is a lot safer today than yesterday.  A&M, meanwhile, doesn't have the type of profile that can absorb too many losses like this and stay as high as they've been
@Kentucky 80, Florida 61
@Alabama 80, Missouri 71
@Georgia 65, Auburn 55
@LSU 88, Mississippi St 77
@Arkansas 85, Tennessee 67
@Ole Miss 85, Vanderbilt 78 - I know road wins are tough but Vandy's margin of error here is small

Dayton 98, @George Mason 64
George Washington 72, @VCU 69 - an extremely critical road win for a team that was trending down.  GW back in the field.  VCU?  They kinda need that quality win.  I'm not sure why everyone else is higher on them than me; this is a legit bubble team.  Ignore the name value and look at the resume
Davidson 93, @Duquesne 82
St Joseph's 82, @Fordham 60

Temple 62, @Central Florida 60 - no choice for Temple but to win all these types of games
@Memphis 63, Cincinnati 59 - whatever, AAC.  I quit you

@Illinois St 58, Wichita St 53 - everyone gets one conference mulligan; here's Wichita's

@Air Force 61, Boise St 53 - my goodness, Boise
@San Diego St 78, New Mexico 71 (OT)

Pacific 77, @BYU 72 - just a catastrophic loss
St Mary's 60, @San Diego 43
Gonzaga 69, @Pepperdine 63

Valparaiso 73, @UIC 55
@Chattanooga 62, Furman 54
@Arkansas-Little Rock 74, South Alabama 43
William & Mary won again...I wonder how many people are going to get fooled by their top 30 RPI here

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