Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/1 recap

@Louisville 71, North Carolina 65 - plenty of big games for both coming up, so this result won't define either's seasons
@Houston 71, SMU 68 - the last thing the AAC needs is a win over SMU becoming devalued.  Houston still isn't close to the bubble, though
Texas 67, @Baylor 59 - a huge, huge gamechanger for Texas.  Their one big problem was accumulation - accumulating too many quality losses.  Getting this win instead is big.  Also a reminder here that Baylor didn't do THAT much OOC so they should be careful
@Chattanooga 125, The Citadel 85 - pay attention to Chattanooga now...
Monmouth 93, @Siena 87 - not a trivial road win, this was one of the biggest land mines left
@Florida St 77, NC State 73

North Florida gakked one at home to Stetson, so the A-Sun is in play again.  Jax one back

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