Friday, February 12, 2016

2/12 recap

@Arizona 81, UCLA 75 - well, this would've been a big ask for UCLA.  But the margin is small, and @Arizona St looms now as a mandatory get
@Arizona St 74, USC 67 - meanwhile, this is not a good look for a team that I have on the 4 line.  Could be worth a seed line.  ASU is still a ways away from the bubble, so don't get cute with your projections
Dayton 68, @Rhode Island 66
Monmouth 79, @Rider 78 - Monmouth saw their at-large lives flash before their eyes in this game

Yale 7-0, Columbia 6-1, Princeton 5-1, everyone else is 2-4 or worse.  Curious.

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HenryMuto said...

I can't believe that Monmouth game. Down 14 with 4 minutes left and come back to win. That was a game they could not afford to lose as Rider stinks.