Thursday, February 11, 2016

2/10 recap

Big 12:
@Texas Tech 85, Iowa St 82 (OT) - oh no, no no no, no.  Not this team.  Meanwhile, ISU is bleeding seed lines right now.  Okay, they're probably still a 4, but there's such a thing as too many body blows
Baylor 82, @Kansas St 72 - let's be blunt:  if you put K-State in your bracket, you're a fucking moron.  At least Texas Tech can be defended by a few metrics.  K-State can't be defended with anything other than RPI

Big East:
@Marquette 96, Providence 91 (2OT) - Provi has probably lost its grip on a protected seed, for good
Butler 81, @Seton Hall 75 - okay, that's a road win that has real, tangible value for a bubble team.  And they establish ahead of SHU in terms of overall resume; we might've had a switch otherwise

@Utah 90, Washington 82 - I'd been kind of wavering on Utah, closer to the bubble than the lockbox, but holding serve is all they need to do going forward.  Washington isn't dead if they get swept on the Rocky Mountain road trip, but they'd be fighting an uphill battle if they can't get Colorado

@Alabama 63, Texas A&M 62 - Alabama:  not dead yet!  Meanwhile, A&M is doing severe damage to their seed line
@South Carolina 94, LSU 83 - at some point, we'll just have to acknowledge a great record is a great record.  USC is slowly getting there.  LSU didn't need this, but they're going to need something like this at some point
@Vanderbilt 86, Missouri 71

@Wisconsin 72, Nebraska 61
Michigan 82, @Minnesota 74 - road wins are never trivial

St Bonaventure 76, @Fordham 72 (OT) - man, they're going to be in this in March, aren't they?
St Joseph's 84, @George Washington 66 - a signature road win (relatively speaking) for St Joe's, a team that desperately needs any type of quality win.  It's tough to ignore the overall record, as long as there's substance behind it.  This win counts as substance.  As for GW, this erases some of the progress they made by beating VCU

Tulsa 82, @SMU 77 - a signature road win!  Tulsa isn't dead yet

@Fresno St 58, San Diego St 57 - everyone gets one mulligan.  That's the rule.  Kind of a tough spot to use it up, given Fresno's good and it was on the road, but that's the mulligan, SDSU

Houston beats Memphis...GaTech over Wake...Davidson over LaSalle...Southern Illinois over Indiana St, although SIU is a longshot at best...Richmond > St Louis...Northern Iowa > Missouri St...Boise St's final straw fell in a loss at Colorado St...other MWC winners:  UNLV, Nevada

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