Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2/23 recap

Kansas 66, @Baylor 60 - Kansas consolidating its position on the 1 line
Michigan St 81, @Ohio St 62 - well, okay maybe OSU is dead in fact
@Kentucky 78, Alabama 53
Vanderbilt 87, @Florida 74 - well, this makes things more confusing in the SEC
@Tulsa 74, Temple 55 - I'm not exactly sure what order these AAC teams should be in
Dayton 52, @St Louis 49 (OT) - yeesh
@Texas Tech 83, TCU 79

Catastrophic losses of the day:
@Arkansas 85, LSU 65 - no words
@Georgia Tech 75, Clemson 73 - no words, again

Davidson beats URI at home and is probably a lock here...Akron lost.  Kent St with a chance to tie them for the lead...and they lose at Buffalo.  Akron leads almost half the damn conference by 1 game with 3 to play...Ole Miss wins at home over Mizzou, but their NIT hopes might rely on how many SEC teams make the NCAAs...VaTech won again and RPI be damned, I think they'll get in...Evansville won...Boise St won, and with New Mexico losing, reclaim the #2 spot in the Mountain West pecking order

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