Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2/2 recap

Big 12:
@Oklahoma 95, TCU 72
West Virginia 81, @Iowa St 76 - a signature road win!  I thought WVU was a half-step behind the other top 3 teams in the Big 12, but this erases most of that gap.  The more intriguing seeding case will be ISU, who is starting to trend towards being that 23-10 team that still gets a 3 seed

@Syracuse 68, Virginia Tech 60 (OT) - a near catastrophe
Clemson 76, @Wake Forest 62 - this might be the most important win of the night.  Clemson's problem isn't signature wins - they have those.  Their problem is bad losses and a bad road record.  They don't need to beat tournament teams on the road; they just need to beat the non-tournament ones.  Very important road hold here
Duke 80, @Georgia Tech 71

Big East:
@DePaul 77, Providence 70 - protected seeds don't lose on the road at DePaul.  They just don't
@Butler 87, Georgetown 76 - an extremely important hold for Butler, and Georgetown really can't afford to lose any more swing games

@Tennessee 84, Kentucky 77 - a sloppy road loss, the type that keeps you out of the top 4 lines.
@Georgia 69, South Carolina 56 - USC is not home free, folks.  Work to do on this resume, ignore the overall record
LSU 80, @Auburn 68 - not a trivial road win.  LSU winning the games they should in conference + the non-con numbers rallying are giving them a second life
Alabama 82, @Mississippi St 80 (OT)

Indiana 80, @Michigan 67 - a signature road win for a moderately light resume.  Both teams should be fine though

@Boise St 70, Utah St 67
@San Diego St 69, Colorado St 67

MAC:  Akron won on the road at Ohio, Kent lost on the road at CMU.  Akron now leads alone
Southland:  Houston Baptist finally lost, so we've finally reached the status quo of Stephen F Austin leading the conference alone

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