Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2/9 recap

Big East:
Villanova 86, @DePaul 59
@Creighton 70, Xavier 56 - that's really a bad loss for X's 1 seed hopes.  Really bad

Big 12:
@Kansas 75, West Virginia 65 - Kansas on the 2 line, WVU on the 3.  Mostly status quo for both

@Virginia 67, Virginia Tech 49
North Carolina 68, @Boston College 65
@Miami 65, Pittsburgh 63 - status quo for both

@Purdue 82, Michigan St 81 (OT) - just when I thought MSU had a chance at the 1 line.  Bigger for Purdue to hang on to their chances at the 4/5 line
@Ohio St 71, Northwestern 63 - not really buying OSU, but they're not quite irrelevant yet

@Kentucky 82, Georgia 48
@Florida 77, Ole Miss 72

@Dayton 76, Duquesne 74

Cincinnati 69, @Central Florida 51 - every road game is not trivial for Cincy going forward

Wichita St 74, @Drake 48

Monmouth 87, @Marist 61

Akron wins again, they're up to 9-2 and pretty clearly out ahead of the rest of the league.  This could be worth the 11 line in March, given how high the MAC is ranked in the RPI this year

Maryland's playing a DII school tonight.  Dudes, just take the bye week the B1G is giving you.

And a new section to the blog:  NITWatch.  Where I'll lazily list out results for teams on the NIT bubble.
Tennessee handles a terribad Auburn team at home....URI over George Mason...UT-Arlington stops the bleeding on the road at Texas St...Arkansas lost on the road at Miss. St...New Mexico lost at Utah St.  Forget the NCAA, the Mountain West isn't going to put an at-large team in the NIT at this rate

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