Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/17 recap

Villanova 83, @Temple 67 - no real harm to Temple

Big 12:
@Texas Tech 65, Oklahoma 63 - allow me a minor rant.  This entire season, I've been against TTU's resume as a whole.  I watched while the rest of the country, like idiots, projected TTU in their brackets in January and February.  I called them morons, they were obviously wrong, all the evidence said they weren't a tournament team, yet they were sheep.  I was going to be vindicated in March by being right and everyone else being wrong.  But now instead TTU is finally picking up resume-building wins, and they might be legitimately in the tourney now.  And all those morons are going to be right, but for the wrong reasons.  Whatever

@Penn St 79, Iowa 75 - it was a good thought, but I think we're permanently done with the Iowa and the 1 seed discussion
@Indiana 80, Nebraska 64

Duke 74, @North Carolina 73 - I don't see how UNC can get a 1 seed without a very big run at this point
@Miami 65, Virginia Tech 49
@Louisville 72, Syracuse 58
@Clemson 65, Boston College 54
Georgia Tech 86, @Florida St 80 - this is a nominee for Catastrophic Loss of the Entire Damned Season right here

Big East:
@Xavier 85, Providence 74 - no one seems to be on the bandwagon for X on the 1 line.  Curious.  It's likely they could get passed by even if they win out, because the committee has shown an irrational liking towards conference championships and X is blocked by Nova
Seton Hall 72, @Georgetown 64 - road wins are never trivial, remember

@Arizona 99, Arizona St 61
@USC 79, Colorado 72 - this is likely just to impact seeding for both at this point

Alabama 76, @LSU 69 - this is actually turning into a legitimate run by Bama to the bubble.  LSU, well, who the hell knows at this point.  I don't

@St Joseph's 79, Dayton 70 - Dayton's grip on a protected seed might be gone; St Joe's is now well inside the tourney cutline
George Washington 81, @Duquesne 74 - road wins are never trivial
@LaSalle 71, St Bonaventure 64 - this is why road wins are never trivial.  Catastrophic loss here

NITWatch:  Illinois St, Evansville, and Southern Illinois win in the MVC.  ISU has the in-conference record advantage at 11-4, UE has the best profile, SIU has the best W-L.  You tell me what the NIT will do...meanwhile, UNI lost...Fresno and Nevada won on the road, both on the fringes of the NIT bubble...Houston won...and in the biggest NIT bubble game, New Mexico holds at home over Boise...Irvine won...


HenryMuto said...

Oh Oklahoma why??????????????????????????

Texas Tech lost at Arkansas yet because they are in the Big 12 they keep getting shot after shot for quality wins because teams in these conferences build up their RPIs and never lose games by playing them all at home in the non conf mostly and the teams like Chattanooga and Valpo and Little Rock ect are all screwed by 1 or 2 conf losses because they have to go unbeaten on the road even though teams like Oklahoma and others can't win on the road vs what should be non tourney teams.

Rant over

HenryMuto said...

The Duke win was interesting. They now have back to back 1 point wins after getting lucky no travel was called and North Carolina choking one away. Duke had just 2 top 50 wins before these last 2 games. What a huge difference their profile is I had them as a 6 seed before the last 2 games now in the 3/4 range.

Kentucky's best win was against Duke (now that Duke started winning) and Kentucky's RPI has rose all the way to 9.