Sunday, March 1, 2020

3/1 recap

@St John's 91, Creighton 71 - oh for christ's sake Creighton
Xavier 66, @Georgetown 63 - road wins are never trivial

@Louisville 68, Virginia Tech 52

@Ohio St 77, Michigan 63
@Illinois 67, Indiana 66
@Wisconsin 71, Minnesota 69 - man, Minnesota...

@Stanford 72, Colorado 64 - well here we go.  Pac-12 starting to figure out the formula to maximize at-large bids

@Houston 68, Cincinnati 55
Wichita St 66, @SMU 62 - road wins are never trivial, and this one makes me feel a bit easier about putting WSU in the field

St Louis 72, @Rhode Island 62 - uh oh.  URI spending a lot of the goodwill it had built up in previous weeks

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HenryMuto said...

Ohio State without a starter in Young and with Carton still not with the team beat a full strength Michigan team. What a huge win. How about Ohio State without Carton for the past like 10 games doing so well. Pretty impressive.