Friday, March 6, 2020

3/6 recap

Georgia Tech 65, @Clemson 62 - Clemson's bubble resume soared across the sky like a meteor, and gone just like that
@NC State 84, Wake Forest 64

Richmond 73, @Duquesne 62 - road wins are never trivial
@Davidson 75, VCU 65 - they're not even going to make the NIT

MWC semis:
San Diego St 81, Boise St 68
Utah St 89, Wyoming 82 - didn't realize this till now, but Wyoming might've popped Utah St's bubble just by showing up to this game.  If nothing else, Utah St's resume could've picked up a quad 2 win against either CSU or Nevada in the semis here.  Sure, quad 2 isn't a resume-maker, but every extra quality win matters.  They've only got 4 Q1/2 games right now.  Instead, Wyoming shows up here and hurts Utah St with its mere presence

MVC quarters:
Drake 77, Northern Iowa 56 - well, I was assuming UNI would be home free.  But I thought such a scenario would include a quad 2 loss to, well anybody in the top 4 in the conference.  All they had to do was get around the quarterfinal cupcake.  And here we are now.  With a legitimate mess on our hands
Bradley 64, Southern Illinois 59
Valparaiso 74, Loyola(Chi) 73 (OT) - well, we found the conference tournament that went completely sideways this year.  Good God what happened here?
Missouri 78, Indiana St 51 - sure, what the hell

WCC 2nd round:
San Francisco 82, Loyola Marymount 53
Pepperdine 84, Santa Clara 73

OVC semis:
Belmont 60, Eastern Kentucky 60
Murray St 73, Austin Peay 61 - will a better conference please rescue Belmont and Murray from the OVC please

Big South semis:
Winthrop 78, Gardner-Webb 66
Hampton 86, Radford 78 - there's an upset.  This conference was probably headed to the 16 line anyways

SoCon 1st round:
VMI 96, Samford 78
Wofford 93, Citadel 76

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