Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1/9 recap

Big 12:
@West Virginia 57, Baylor 54 - it looks like it'll be Baylor being the one quality win absorbing all the extra losses in the tough conference this year
@Oklahoma 75, Texas Tech 65
@Kansas 83, Iowa St 78

@Virginia 68, Syracuse 61
@North Carolina 96, Boston College 66

Purdue 70, @Michigan 69 - more important to Michigan than you think.  Signature win chances are very few in this league this year, and that was one of them going by the boards
@Indiana 74, Penn St 70
@Nebraska 63, Wisconsin 59 - there's room in the mid-pack of this conference for a new team to randomly appear...NU appears to be taking on that role this year

Big East:
@Marquette 84, Seton Hall 64 - somewhat of a surprise, but we're finally going to really have to take Marquette seriously, for real
@Creighton 85, Butler 74 - doesn't really change either team's outlook
Georgetown 69, @St John's 66 - boy, St John's went from viable bubble team to irrelevant real quick this year.  GU at home is a fatal flaw to the resume

@Kentucky 74, Texas A&M 73 - A&M is really entering a danger zone where the mass accumulation of losses are going to be a problem.  This probably will hold up as a quality win for UK, for a team that kind of really needs it
@Auburn 85, Ole Miss 70
Tennessee 92, @Vanderbilt 84 - road wins are never trivial
@Alabama 76, South Carolina 62

@Memphis 96, Tulane 89 - it's that time of year to start paying attention to the NIT bubble

Rhode Island 72, @St Louis 65 - 4 bullets down, 14 to dodge for URI
@VCU 78, Duquesne 67

Boise St 70, @Fresno St 64 - road wins are never trivial
@San Diego St 85, San Jose St 49

Buffalo 87, @Akron 65 - if you're curious, Akron is way down this year...Buffalo headed for the 11 line?

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