Wednesday, January 3, 2018

1/2 recap

We're getting close to Bracketology season where brackets will go up every 3-4 days.  Am going to wait a day or so more to let a few more conference results trickle in so I can put some leaders in the bracket.

Big East:
@Xavier 86, Butler 79
Georgetown won a road game!  Wow!  After such a terrible non-con SoS, to add a Big East roa-oh wait, it was DePaul.  Never mind

Big 12:
Texas Tech 85, @Kansas 73 - okay, now I'll pay attention to Tech a bit
TCU 81, @Baylor 78 - we may need to revisit things:  with a loaded Big 12, is Baylor the odd team out?

Florida 83, @Texas A&M 66 - now here's a Group 0 win as I like to call it.  At least, it should be, but this is a concerning start for A&M in the SEC.  Starting to wonder if they'll all beat each other up and keep each other from the top 3 lines
@Mississippi St 78, Arkansas 75 - I'm still not sure how good MSU is.  It's a paper-thin resume for a 13-1 team.  Still, this is a service hold you need if you're gonna make the tourney
Auburn 94, @Tennessee 84 - meanwhile, here's a Group 1 win for Auburn, as both teams feel like tourney teams.  The middle of this SEC could be fun
@Vanderbilt 76, Alabama 75 - if you're an SEC bubble team, you'll lose a couple roadies...but you don't want to spend one of them against Vandy

@Louisville 77, Pittsburgh 51

@Wisconsin 71, Indiana 61
Michigan 75, @Iowa 68 - road wins are never trivial
@Maryland 75, Penn St 69 - service hold
Nebraska 70, @Northwestern 55 - this is a loss that will remove NU from bubble discussion for awhile

San Diego St 77, @Colorado St 68


It was matchday 1 in the MAC.....highly ranked league for them (10th) but no legitimate at-large candidates.  Buffalo is the best team, probably, and holds over Toledo for win 1

CAA:  Charleston beats Delaware to go 2-0, and Towson...loses at Elon.  Maybe Elon is a contender, not Towson.  There's a pretty decent top half of the conference, and if one team can separate...

Vermont picks up a token road win at Harvard

Bucknell loses at home to Boston U in the Patriot...uh oh

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