Thursday, January 4, 2018

1/3 recap

Big 12:
@Oklahoma 109, Oklahoma St 89 - every home hold now matters when you're contending for the 1 line

Big East:
Marquette 95, @Providence 90 (OT) - still not very sure how good either of these teams are
@Creighton 78, St John's 71

Virginia 78, @Virginia Tech 52 - not a good look for a team that fancies themselves a bubble team
@Florida St 81, North Carolina 80
@Georgia Tech 64, Miami 54 - ouch.  I look at road losses this way:  you're going to absorb a few.  You just have to be careful where you "spend" them.  This is a nice way of saying:  Don't lose road games at bad teams, you're going to have a tough enough time winning against the decent ones
Clemson 74, @Boston College 70 - here's a good example of not using up any bubble equity against a worse team
@Wake Forest 73, Syracuse 67 - and this goes in the same bucket as the Miami loss
@Notre Dame 88, NC State 58

@Purdue 82, Rutgers 51
@Minnesota 77, Illinois 67

Kentucky 74, @LSU 71
@Georgia 71, Ole Miss 60
Missouri 79, @South Carolina 68

@UCF 65, Memphis 56

@Rhode Island 74, LaSalle 62 - poor A-10, reduced to commoners status this year.  Plenty of A-10 games that just don't matter were played.  VCU was a longshot anyways but lost at St Joe's
@Dayton 82, St Bonaventure 72 - and that's a stumble.  Can't afford many of those, yo

Drake is 3-0 in this conference.  Loyola(Chi) punted a home game to Indiana St.  This is the worst bubble situation you'll ever see for an 8th ranked conference.

@Boise St 90, New Mexico 62
@Nevada 92, Wyoming 83
UNLV 82, @San Jose St 76 (OT) - holds for all the relevant teams on this night

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