Thursday, January 18, 2018

1/17 recap

Big East:
Villanova 88, @Georgetown 56
@Xavier 88, St John's 82
@Creighton 80, Seton Hall 63

Big 12:
@Texas 67, Texas Tech 58 - regression to the mean coming
@TCU 96, Iowa St 73

@Alabama 76, Auburn 71 - Auburn had done well to avoid losses to this point, so this won't hurt.  Bigger news is Alabama is back within hailing distance of the bubble
@Missouri 59, Tennessee 55 - another bubble team with an important service hold at home
@Florida 88, Arkansas 73 - between two bubble-ish teams, status quo for both

Ohio St 71, @Northwestern 65 - a very important loss avoidance game for OSU, they're stacking up a resume that can now sustain a bit of damage later on
@Rutgers 80, Iowa 64

Arizona 79, @California 58 - road wins are never trivial...
@Stanford 86, Arizona St 77 - because of this.  Meanwhile, a marginal Stanford team is 5-1 in the conference and is basically ruining everything for the conference.  Having a team that tanked in the non-con leading the charge is pretty damaging

SMU 83, @Wichita St 78 - there's a Group 0 win as I like to say, and an immediate elixir to SMU's bubble problems
@Temple 59, Tulsa 58
@Tulane 81, Houston 72 - ooh, that's going to take some margin of error away from UH in the future

@Rhode Island 73, UMass 51

@Missouri St 64, Valparaiso 57 - Drake finally lost again, so MSU and Loyola are in a share of the lead.  Still can't imagine either get near the bubble, but who knows

@Boise St 71, Utah St 67
New Mexico 85, @UNLV 81 - probably endgame for UNLV's hopes
Nevada 71, @San Jose St 54
Fresno St 77, @San Diego St 73 - and probably endgame for SDSU, too

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