Friday, January 12, 2018

1/10 recap

Big East:
@Villanova 89, Xavier 65 - no change in status for either team, really, but every Group 1 win does matter when you're battling for the 1 line

@Michigan St 76, Rutgers 72 (OT) - I feel like this game should be referenced every time anyone tries to take this conference seriously.  What is going on here?
@Northwestern 83, Minnesota 60 - and here's another one, a team in the tank blowing out a legit bubble team

Duke 87, @Pittsburgh 52
Louisville 73, @Florida St 69 - UL's been under the radar a bit.  A signature win like this solves a lot of bubble anxiety.  Meanwhile, FSU is 1-3 in the ACC.  This is not a conference where you want to be trapped in the middle of the standings
@Georgia Tech 60, Notre Dame 53 - road wins are always a big ask, but you can't do much losing to non-tourney teams in this conference and get away with it
Virginia Tech 83, @Wake Forest 75 - and here's an example of a win that's more important than you think

Big 12:
@Texas 99, TCU 98 (2OT) - TCU nearly bagged a critical Group 1 win that could've made a difference in battling for a protected seed.  As is, Texas gets some bubble cushion instead
@Kansas St 86, Oklahoma St 82 - starting to feel like both teams are going to fall off the bubble pace soon, though

@Florida 71, Mississippi St 54
@Missouri 68, Georgia 56
LSU 75, @Arkansas 54 - c'mon Arkansas, what are you doing?

@USC 70, Colorado 58

@UConn 62, UCF 53 - tough to see a path to the good side of the bubble for UCF at this point
Temple 66, @SMU 64 - what the hell?  Temple tanks their own bubble chances to start AAC play, then recover just in time to ruin SMU's resume

@St Bonaventure 77, Fordham 61

UNLV 81, @Air Force 76

Loyola(Chi) 68, @Illinois St 61
@Evansville 64, Missouri St 55 - unfortunately, this conference is probably just playing to get on the 11 line at this point, as everyone is absorbing body blows

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