Friday, January 12, 2018

1/11 recap

Bracket for 1/13 should be coming pretty soon.

@NC State 78, Clemson 77 - and there is it, finally a slipup by Clemson.  It's a freebie for them; no harm no foul given the good work they did till now

@Ohio St 91, Maryland 69 - not a good look for Maryland.  Meanwhile, looks like we at least have one Big 10 team acting like they want on the good side of the bubble
Iowa 104, @Illinois 97 (OT)

Oregon 76, @Arizona St 72 - OU comes back from the dead to be relevant again with a Group 0 win; and what in the world do we do with ASU now?
@Arizona 62, Oregon St 53
Stanford 79, @Washington St 70
@Washington 66, California 56
@UCLA 84, Utah 64

Wichita St 95, @East Carolina 60
@Houston 104, Tulsa 71

@Gonzaga 103, Portland 57
@BYU 83, Pepperdine 83
St Mary's 81, @Santa Clara 57

interesting results:
Wright St 84, @Northern Kentucky 81 - battle of presumptive Horizon faves, and WSU wins on the road
@Little Rock 77, UT Arlington 65 - the hell, Arlington?
Western Kentucky 75, @Old Dominion 68 - presumptive CUSA favorites, and WKU wins on the road
New Mexico St 70, @Grand Canyon 59 - and a game between WAC favorites go to the road team as well.  NMSU in legit bubble play for the moment

Pretty soon we'll hone in on some conference races.  Still just a bit too early to highlight individual games though.

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