Saturday, January 6, 2018

1/6 recap

Big 12:
@West Virginia 89, Oklahoma 76 - was always going to be a big ask for OU to get it, but they kinda needed this type of win to bolster their argument for the 1 seed.  Instead, WVU gets that signature win to their ledger instead
Kansas 88, @TCU 84 - a Group 0 win as I like to call it.  It really feels like TCU is going to be one step behind WVU/KU/OU this year, which could lead to some unfriendly geographical assignments.  KU kinda needed this to stabilize their seed
@Texas Tech 74, Kansas St 58
@Baylor 69, Texas 60 - don't read too much into a home hold, but Baylor desperately needs every swing game to go their way right now
@Oklahoma St 96, Iowa St 87 (OT)

@NC State 96, Duke 85 - you don't need me to know that Duke is starting to pile up marginal losses.  Very cumbersome towards getting a 1 seed.  Stay tuned
@Virginia 61, North Carolina 49 - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  This showed in my bracket yesterday...UNC better be careful because they're losing their grip on the Charlotte sub-regional and the East and South regionals in general
@Clemson 74, Louisville 69 (OT) - honestly impressed that Clemson has kept this thing going and are winning their swing games.  Louisville is bringing the bubble into play, meanwhile
@Virginia Tech 81, Pittsburgh 67
Notre Dame 51, @Syracuse 49 - road wins are never trivial.  The kind of loss that hurts bubble teams, though.  I think this just confirms UND is closer to the 4 line than the bubble
@Boston College 77, Wake Forest 71

Big East:
@Villanova 100, Marquette 90
@Providence 81, Xavier 72 - Provi was mostly dead from a bubble perspective....this will help, but they'll need to back it up with much more to get there.  Bigger news is Xavier, every loss like this hurts when you're this close to the 1 line
Seton Hall 90, @Butler 87 - that's a quality road win for SHU, which is sneaking up on us I think.  Is there enough room at the top for a 3rd protected seed for the Big East?  It'll be SHU if there is
Creighton 90, @Georgetown 66
DePaul 91, @St John's 74 - just as fast as St John's became relevant....they became irrelevant.  Bye

LSU 69, @Texas A&M 68 - not really sure what's going on with A&M here, and now they're kinda really tough to seed properly.  This loss is 1 step beyond the line of acceptability.  LSU will spend some time hanging around the bubble discussion as a result
@Tennessee 76, Kentucky 65 - a win that should stabilize UT's seed....and one that doesn't help UK.  The good news for UK?  The SEC is better, and Group 1 wins should be bountiful later on
@Auburn 88, Arkansas 77 - no sin for Arky to lose this game...bigger news is Auburn adding another solid win to the ledger and looking more and more like a tourney team
@Georgia 65, Alabama 46 - seems like Bama is going to be the one team to drop out of this SEC bubble logjam early
Florida 77, @Missouri 75 - UF playing their way back up the seed list, and Mizzou is just another bubble team
@Ole Miss 64, Mississippi St 58
@South Carolina 71, Vanderbilt 60

@Purdue 74, Nebraska 62
@Michigan 79, Illinois 69 - at this point, any team behind the top 2 winning any game and holding serve is news.  These all matter
Indiana 75, @Minnesota 71 - well, this was dumb to lose by Minnesota

@Colorado 80, Arizona 77 - wait, Colorado just swept the Arizona schools?  This league just keeps getting weirder.  These are two very big chips, but they need to back this up with not adding bad losses.  As for Zona...well as for everyone in this conference, I just don't know anymore.  What a mess
Washington 70, @Washington St 65
UCLA 107, @California 84 - given the mess in this conference, any road win is significant for bubble teams

@Memphis 76, Tulsa 67 - alas, Tulsa's conference lead was fledgling

Gonzaga 85, @Loyola Marymount 66
@Pacific 67, BYU 66
@St Mary's 70, San Diego 63

VCU 80, @LaSalle 74
Rhode Island 81, @George Washington 60
@St Joseph's 85, St Bonaventure 78 - uh oh, A-10

Nevada 86, @Air Force 75
@Wyoming 79, Boise St 78 (OT) - and the first slip up in the race for this title.  Nevada 1-up on Boise
Utah St 85, @UNLV - and speaking of slip ups, this is a pretty dumb one for a fringe bubble team

North Dakota St 84, @South Dakota 79 - presumptive Summit favorite loses at home
Drake 75, @Indiana St 72 - Drake leads the #8 conference in America.  What a world we live in
Buffalo 83, @Ball St 63 - might've been the toughest game on paper for Buffalo in the MAC, and they get through it.  Now a definitive MAC fave
Jacksonville St 64, @Belmont 60 - Belmont chunks one at home, in case you were mentally penciling in Belmont for the OVC

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