Monday, January 8, 2018

1/7 recap

@Miami 80, Florida St 74 - both teams more or less hold their position in my bracket

@Ohio St 80, Michigan St 64 - ok, now OSU might be off the bubble to the good side.  Signature wins tend to do that
@Maryland 91, Iowa 73

Arizona St 80, @Utah 77 - road wins always matter
@Stanford 77, USC 76 - and this is why road wins matter, this is not a good loss to ad to the resume

@Wichita St 95, South Florida 57
@Cincinnati 76, SMU 56 - not a bad loss, but quality win chances continue to slide right on by
@UCF 60, Temple 39

@Illinois St 72, Missouri St 68 meh
Loyola(Chi) 56, @Northern Iowa 50

CAAWatch:  Charleston loses at Towson, and the league feels wide-openish.  Bill & Mary now leads at 4-0

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