Sunday, January 21, 2018

1/20 recap

Let's check in on every league!

Rhode Island 88, @Dayton 74 - URI's seed is going to be interesting.  How much credit do they get for running riot over this league?
Behind them, Davidson is 5-1, Duquesne is 5-2, and everyone else is at least 3 behind in the loss column now.  What a tire fire

FGCU leads, now 5-0.  Only 3 teams above .500, and realistically, only FGCU can avoid the 16 line

@Duke 81, Pitt 54
@North Carolina 80, Georgia Tech 66
@Clemson 67, Notre Dame 58
Florida St 91, @Virginia Tech 82 - road wins are never trivial.  Seems like VT will be one of the bubble teams shuffling off in the wrong direction

Off day.  Vermont leads at 5-0 and it'll be a modest surprise if it doesn't become 16-0

@Houston 73, Wichita St 59 - are we really sure Wichita is great?  A cursory look at the resume may be warranted.  Closer to the 7 line than the 3, maybe
@Cincinnati 86, East Carolina 60
Temple 60, Penn 51 (non-con)
UCF 71, @South Florida 69
@SMU 73, Tulane 62
@Tulsa 64, Memphis 51

Big 12:
@Oklahoma St 83, Oklahoma 81 (OT) - hmmm
@West Virginia 86, Texas 51
@Iowa St 70, Texas Tech 52 - okay, that's a pretty bad loss
@Kansas 70, Baylor 67
@Kansas St 73, TCU 68 - are we sure TCU's good?

Big East:
Villanova 81, @UConn 61 (non-con)
Xavier 73, @Seton Hall 64 - a signature road win for X.  The type of win that gets you to the 2 line and the type of loss that caps your ceiling at the 4 line for the Hall
@Georgetown 93, St John's 89 (2OT)
Butler 79, @DePaul 67
@Providence 85, Creighton 71

Big Sky:
Montana wins at Montana St to go 7-0.  They're 2 clear of the field in the loss column

Big South:
Off day.  Radford leads at 6-1, plenty of teams within hailing distance though.  This league race is usually pretty good every year

Purdue 87, @Iowa 64
Ohio St 67, @Minnesota 59 - officially impressed here, OSU is taking care of business at an impressive rate
@Northwestern 70, Penn St 61

Big West:
Standings here are a bit compact.  Hawaii is 4-1, everyone else has already lost at least twice in 6 games

Middle Tennessee 66, @Western Kentucky 62 - a signature win for MTSU, and a big boon to the at-large resume.  On the other end, a possible dagger to WKU's at-large hopes.  WKU does have a return trip to Middle, though, so a chance to get that signature win back.  Both are on dual 6-1s to lead.  Actually Old Dominion is here too, mucking things up even more

A very even race has broken out.  Bill & Mary 6-2, Northeastern 6-2, Charleston 5-3, Hofstra 5-4, Towson 4-4.  Fun for everyone until you realize there's zero at-large hope because of this

Wright St finally slipped up, losing at Milwaukee.  Northern Kentucky joins them on 7-1 to c-loead

This race is just underway, Penn and Harvard your early undefeateds

Iona and Canisius co-lead at 6-1.  Honestly, this race is a lot less relevant than most years

Through 6 games, Buffalo is 6-0...Toledo is 5-1 and there's not even anyone at 4-2.  Pretty crazy.  Everyone's got at least 2 wins.  We'll see if this parity helps the computer rankings enough to help Buffalo some more

NC A&T and Bethune-Cookman lead on dual 5-0s

@Drake 61, Missouri St 58 - probably one of the final daggers to MSU's outside at-large hopes.    An improbable leader (Drake) plus very compact standings behind them means a wide-open race down the stretch here

@Nevada 74, Boise St 68 - was always going to be a big ask for Boise to get this one...but this does mean they'll have to mostly hold serve the rest of the way.  The good news for them is no one else in the conference is really in great position to challenge them for 2nd in the conference
For NIT bubble watchers, UNLV won and SDSU lost at New Mexico

Wagner and RMU lead at 6-2.  Another conference with compact standings and lots of losses by each team.  Mostly irrelevant race for bracketology purposes, though

Belmont leads at 7-1, Murray is one back.  So basically this is every other year in recent OVC history

Arizona 73, @Stanford 71 - thank god.  Could you imagine the nightmare it would've been to put Stanford in the bracket this week?
Arizona St 81, @Cal 73 - road wins are never trivial
Washington 72, @Colorado 62 - ooh, just when CU was gaining steam they drop a pretty stupid home game.  Is Washington relevant?  No
USC 74, @Oregon St 67 - road wins...
@Oregon 94, UCLA 91 - and now UCLA is in trouble

Bucknell leads, now on 7-1.  Next

@Auburn 79, Georgia 65
Florida 66, @Kentucky 64 - a possible Group 0 win right here.  Florida has more or less made up for their damage to the profile in the non-con
Tennessee 70, @South Carolina 63 - a quality road win, and this is the difference between a 7 seed and a 4 seed
@Vanderbilt 77, LSU 71
@Arkansas 97, Ole Miss 93
@Texas A&M 60, Missouri 49
@Alabama 68, Mississippi St 62

Everyone assumed Texas Southern, but they have 2 losses.  Arkansas-Pine Bluff is the last undefeated?  Huh.

East Tennessee St is 7-0, and looks the part

Nicholls St, SE Louisiana, and Stephen F Austin have 1 loss.  They're the early leaders.  For bracketology purposes, SFA has the best resume of the 3, and that matters for a conference usually destined for the 16 line otherwise

South Dakota St moves to 5-0, South Dakota is 5-1, and no one else is over .500

Fun Belt:
Louisiana is 7-0 and 2 ahead in the loss column already.  For a league that's had a lot of fun races over the years, this might be the exception year

In a battle of undefeateds, New Mexico St beats Utah Valley to take command of the league

Gonzaga 75, @Santa Clara 60
@BYU 74, San Diego 58
St Mary's 72, @Pacific 69

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