Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1/15 recap

Big 12:
Kansas 71, @West Virginia 66 - this is the type of loss WVU had to avoid to have a real shot at the 1 line - especially with their modest SoS numbers.  This is one big win back for Kansas, who needed this to help mask a couple of their bad losses
@Baylor 76, Oklahoma St 60 - bad result for the conference:  Baylor has much more work to do, and this was the kind of must-win that OSU needed to add to the resume to boost it

@Michigan 68, Maryland 67 - two bubble teams enter, Michigan leaves as a probably-definitive standing as the 4th B1G team.  Seems like there'll be room for Maryland in the end but there's work to do
Minnesota 85, @Penn St 84 (OT) - Minny doing the bare minimum to stay anywhere near the bubble
@Nebraska 64, Illinois 63 - ditto Nebraska

Duke 83, @Miami 75 - a key road win for top seed prospects
@Boston College 81, Florida St 75 - that's not one of the games you want to lose, FSU

Big East:
@Providence 70, Butler 60 - key hold for a true bubble team.  Butler doesn't want to lose too many of these swing games, but they should be fine for now
@Marquette 70, DePaul 52

- everyone's favorite SWAC team, Texas Southern, lost at Grambling (what?).  Jackson St is up 2 in the loss column
- Wright St pushes to 6-0 and Northern Kentucky to 5-1 in the Horizon.  Too bad the rest of the league has tanked
- Vermont is already starting to separate in A-East

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